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Has E4 Creature Machine ever reappeared?

It's seemed a bit elusive, but is still used. After that first airing in December, I think it largely disappeared until the new year. And even since then usually only seems to pop up about once or twice a week, or at least this is the case during the peak junctions as I don't keep much eye on off-peak anymore. I have spotted it a few times this week though, and indeed I can even confirm it's most recent showing was in the 5.30pm junction just this evening.
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I need to up my game then!
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I noticed 4Music are showing Sabrina The Teenage Witch, though rather unfortunatly seem to only be showing the **** seasons.

Has been for a while.
The Vault also shows it. I presumed The Vault shows early seasons and 4Music picked up the last couple.

Yes, The Vault retain 1-4, with Box Plus currently having 5 onwards.
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Admittedly I do have the DVDs, but they're a bit of a mess due to CBS being cheapskates when it comes to music clearance (not just on these DVDs, but in general, I know the Happy Days DVDs are similar) basically not clearing music unless they can't avoid it, so around 90% of the copyrighted music is removed, either dubbed with dodgy elevator music, or scenes cut out entirely (especially awkward when it was a musical guest performing, which happened a lot, especially towards the end of the run).
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Sabrina's been rotating through its first four seasons on The Vault for over a year now, same as the other ex-Nickelodeon shows they've picked up like Sister Sister and Kenan & Kel. The same music videos run in between episodes; the same music specials, mostly "90s boy/girl group introduces all of their videos". Truly effort-free programming, and it's basically the only music channel left on Freesat. I miss Vintage TV...