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mr_vivian909 posts since 11 Oct 2015
UTV Newsline
E4 is the best channel in terms of continuity.

I wonder if they would be tempted to spoof the BBC One Oneness Idents this time?

They could have a burning at the stake were all the witch hunters are gathered around burning of the E4 logo and pause for a moment to look at the camera.
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Granada North West Today
Whilst the other channels in the 4 family have been wheeling out the recycled Christmas idents, E4 seem to have slipped out another new one instead. Spotted in the 8pm junction, one which looks to be intended for the regular rotation rather than anything specifically festive.

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mr_vivian909 posts since 11 Oct 2015
UTV Newsline
It’s odd that both E4 and ITV2 who aim at a younger demographic don’t seem to do Christmas presentation, as though a younger demographic doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

Itv2 used to before the 2013 rebrand.

E4 have just rebranded so I'm not surprised they haven't bothered.

I provided E4 with a Santa Hat for their twitter some years ago now because I thought it looked bare without one.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
If anything following the E4 rebrand I’m more surprised that they haven’t bothered. As Brekkie pointed out with the mix of idents they could have requested some.

Itv2s package lends itself well to Christmas too. Holly (Willoughby) and ivy, (Christmas) crackers & cheese, etc.