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VMPhil10,386 posts since 31 Mar 2005
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My first thought is that it's insane to drop the E4 logo after this long, considering it hasn't really dated and is well known. It appears they're trying to tie in their sister channels with the main C4 brand.

Is 4seven not getting a new look? It's still based on the old 3D logo.
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Larry the Loafer5,787 posts since 2 Jul 2005
Granada North West Today
The only one that looks remotely presentable is 4 Music because of how the M is formed out of pre-existing blocks, so the 4 is still intact.

If they used that same design for 'More' or the 'M' in 'Film', it'd look much better than the design they've picked for Film4.

E4 just looks like utter s**t.
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Before you all freak out, it looks much better in context. It is all about the animation. It's a solid rebrand.

Ok good because at the moment it’s... erm... horrifying.

Interesting that 4Seven doesn’t seem to be changing which suggests something bigger with the channel might be happening.