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The Come Dine with Me: Made in Chelsea special always seems to be a replacement for shows on E4. Few months ago, they couldn't show Celebs Go Dating and replaced it with CDwM and now they replaced Tattoo Fixers.
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For those who crave a bit more context for thread posts, they reintroduced special break bumpers for Celebs Go Dating on E4 at the back end of last week to promote series 4, done in a similar style to the last series.

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More: https://www.tvwhirl.co.uk/presentation/channel-4/e4/#vid_16557

I don't know if the 3 number referred to is being based just on what was uploaded to TV Whirl this morning. However if so, the answer is no - that's just all I had time to do first thing (have since added another 2 on there). I assume in total there'll be one for every one of the 'celebs' appearing so probably about 7 or 8, as that seems to be what they did with the last series.
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I saw the new end board for Season 4 of Gotham a few times today which appeared during the ad breaks for the live qualifying sessions for The Bahrain Grand Prix on Channel 4 HD. It's been reported in the media from a few days ago that Season 4 of Gotham will be a linear exclusive for UK viewers on E4. FOX will have exclusive rights for fans of the show in the U.S. as they are the shows producers. Season 3 was previously available to begin on Netflix UK after that long speculated delay between it & it's eventual scrapping from the Channel 5 schedules. There is still no official word yet that Season 3 of Gotham will ever be eventually released on E4. Season 4 of Gotham will begin on Tuesday night, April 10th, at 9pm on E4. After Season 4 is finished on E4; it will air on Netflix.


It doesn't look too favourable for me though as I'm a fan of the show; I am currently a full season behind so far as I have not yet watched Season 3. If E4 had nabbed this show before Channel 5 got the rights to it for the FTA viewers; the continuity of the show probably would not have been the subject of such interruption from the likes of Netflix nabbing the exclusive UK rights leaving a large portion of Channel 5's viewers looking at other legal options.
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