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Work experience, hospital radio, community radio - all very relevant.

I’d add student radio to that list as well for anyone going to a university or college that has one, and most of the major ones do.

I also know a lot of people in broadcasting who began their careers doing travel news for local radio. Inrix, the main provider, has offices in Manchester, Birmingham and London. They often seem to be on the lookout for new broadcasters. If you think you’ve got what it takes, why not record them a few demo bulletins?

Absolutely - I know plenty of colleagues who started doing both those things!
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Thank you all very much for the advice. Will let you know how everything gets on as I'm sure Kai (Capybara) will too. It means a lot to both of us!

Definitely seconded. Your advice has all been invaluable, and I'll be taking it on board. Thank you all! Very Happy
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The thing to remember is that the broadcasting industry is just made up of people, and it doesn't matter whether you are in an admin role, engineering, journalism, production or the talent.
We were all there in your position and we can all recall we had the same questions before we ended up where we are today.
If anyone wants any help on ideas for the engineering side, then drop me a private message, and I can probably suggest some places to have a look at.
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What a fantastic thread. It was that same enthusiasm for TV that led me to join all those years ago at 16, now approaching my mid 30s I'm lucky enough to be a cameraman in a job I adore filming something different every day. I still post here and follow the goings on, I'll never lose that love fo TV pres.

We often get younger members posting here and some of the older guard can be less than welcoming, but it sounds like you will go far.

I’ve messaged Duncan in the past and also found him to be a lovely chap, defiantly someone I’d have a pizza with! I wish you the very best and agree with much of the advice posted here already.