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How does one locate old footage?

Needing help finding my past. (January 2020)

ABoomer London London
Hi guys!

I was wondering if some one can help me.
When i was a kid, i did some acting. Mostly adverts. I have all that footage, but there is one thing i dont have.
I was on a TV show called "Movie Lounge". It was on Channel 5, roughly 2006. I played a silly, and gross character called "Sleazy Kid". I beleive the production Company went bankrupt. Not sure.

Any way, this was before the time of youtube, so unfortunately cant find any footage of me on the show, even though i did many months*.

Does any one know how i might be able to obtain or find this footage? It would have great sentimental value to me and my family.

Thank you in advance for any help Smile
Rolling News Central (East) East Midlands Today
Is this the programme?
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ABoomer London London
@Rolling News,

Yes thats the program Smile
However thats the only footage i can find of it unfortunately. Nothing with my cringyness.
Neil Jones Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
IMDb lists this as a Monkey Kingdom Production and the same people who make Made in Chelsea amongst other things (including the Miranda special last month) and they're still around, they just changed ownership in 2010.

Their website is at with an address you can write to snail mail style. Channel 5 would have commissioned it but they don't always retain distribution dibs on the more disposable stuff (same with Channel 4) so the place to go for a contributor's copy (presumably) is often the production company in the first instance. The networks may control their bigger shows distribution (like when Challenge bought some Countdown episodes they had to go through Channel 4 and not as you'd expect initially through ITV).

Still, send them a letter, explain the situation and if they can help they probably will, otherwise they'll point you in the right direction. Nothing ventured, nothing gained for the sake of a first class stamp.
ABoomer London London
@Neil Jones, thank you very much!
I will write to them! Smile

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