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Doctor Who in 2005

(September 2004)

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Jack Carkdale
Mr-Stabby posted:
You can't beat Colin Baker and his techni-coloured dreamcoat !!

He's SO my favourite incarnation!

They do say that when a part has been played by more than one actor (e.g. Doctor Who, James Bond, Holly from Red Dwarf... etc) that your personal favourite will always be the first one that you clearly remember seeing.

I was born in November 1980, so was only 3 when the Peter Davison/Colin Baker handover occurred, therefore can't remember anything pre-Colin Baker. I remember Sylvester McCoy more clearly, but Colin's my fave.

I get the impression that Colin's generally the least popular - e.g. if you wrote the original seven Doctor actors' names onto seven doors, and asked DW fans to go into the room that corresponds to their personal favourite Doctor, Colin's room would probably have the least number of people in it.

But Colin will always be THE Doctor for me!
Would Billie Piper's marriage problems be a positive or negative effect on the new series?

Personally I hope the series succeeds.

According to one Sunday tabloid, there could be a 2nd series, after this one!
I doubt the new series will last another 26 years, but i think it will go on for a while if it's good, and we have some fantastic writers!

Personally i loved the TV Movie, and was a bit gutted when i heard Paul McGann was not the new doctor. Infact I'd never even heard of Christopher Eccleston when he was announced.
Cerulean Sunrise
I loved the TV Movie too - shame they couldn't have filmed it in widescreen. Would it be possible to re-frame it as a widescreen feature?

Getting back to Paul McGann, I remember reading that he would have a bit-part in the new series - as we NEED a regeneration scene. I'm told it won't be in episode 1: Return of the Autons, but it will be there sometime.

It would be nice perhaps to have him in a Two/Three/Five Doctors type situation where he helps Chris Ecclestone's Doctor. Therefore his tenure as the Doctor won't have to be erased from canon. Remember, the Doctor has 13 lives, and he has now used 9. If the series is a success, it can theoretically run for at least another 16 years - assuming an average tenure of 4 years per doctor as was the last series (7x4 = 24 / 1989-1963 = 26).

So the question is - who will replace Chris Ecclestone in four years time?

BTW my Doctor was always Jon Pertwee - the first story I remember seeing was the Sea Devils back in 1991 before Thunderbirds.
The thing is, Doctor Who has never really run from a continuity bible like a lot of the sci-fi series around, so i doubt that if Doctor Who is successful enough to run to 13 doctors, that they will cancel the show because of one little continuity flaw. That would just be madness Razz

I personally don't think we should have a re-generation in the series itself, however Paul McGann is essentially the doctor I grew up with, and he's kept the show going since the cancellation of the series with the audio books which are fantastic, so I think the 8th doctor deserves a final sendoff in another TV movie. A mini-series even but i doubt that'll happen.
Cerulean Sunrise
yes of course - i keep forgetting Dr Who has been alive and well in books and audio for the last decade. Possibly because after reading one DrWho New Adventure (Return of the Living Dad) I was put off them. Then I bought "Hope" and found it easier and better to read.

DW mini-movies would be great- I mean if they can shoot 90 minute Johnny Creeks I'm sure a low-key DW story would be easy. They could fill gaps between series - assuming another series is commissioned after this one it's likely that it won't be on air till 2006.

BTW any bets on re-runs of classic Who after the end of the new series?
They might do on UK Gold what they did for the 40th Anniversary, move Who to prime-time and show it in it's proper episodic format, instead of playing WHOLE stories at 7am in the morning, i mean who would watch that who isn't a die hard fan!?
Cerulean Sunrise
That was one of the reasons I got TUTV - but of course, UKGold starts at 12pm!!!!! how irritating!

I remember asking my brother's mate to tape Five Doctors for me back in 1996. Analogue sattellite! Brilliant!
When we first got a video back in 1983, the original transmission of 5 Docs, complete with CIN captions, was one of the first things we taped & held onto for a few years.

(Of course my own copies of 5 Docs now, are the 2nd (I think)version of the video, then the 'original' remastered video version. (The Paul Vanzeis off the Restoration Team web site one !)
Cerulean Sunrise
Of course its also available on DVD Now....

8 days later

Bruno Langley (Todd from Corrie) is to feature in the new series reports CBBC.
So will Sylvester McCoy or Paul McGann regenerate into Christopher Eccelstone?

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