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I think I am enjoying this series more than last series. Though to be fair, the ratings are certainly far from what one might consider to be impressive.

The overnight ratings are not concerning - it is the consolidated ratings after a week which are key. However when we look at shows on Sunday nights across the main channels, their ratings are down too.

Dancing on Ice last week only narrowly beat Doctor Who in the overnights, Dancing on Ice at 4.4 million, Doctor Who 4.2 million - so even ITV's big Sunday night live entertainment show is not doing great in the overnights.

For perspective, the highest rated overnight show last Sunday was Call the Midwife on BBC One with 6.5 million. No show attracted more than this last Sunday.

Definitely agree with you there. Sunday's don't seem to be doing well in the overnights at the moment. When putting Doctor Who's overnights into perspective, they're actually rather decent.
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Audience Appreciation for this series is hovering around BBC TV average at 82. Definitely not as good as most previous series (85 is considered "excellent", achieved by series 1-7), but... well, average.
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Average is how I would consider the majority of stories in recent series. This last series has been decent in my opinion (bar Orphan 55), even tonight's episode I guess was alright. Though I think you notice how much the public perception of the programme has changed since Tennant/Early Smith when even here on TV Forum, people aren't discussing each episode as they would have a decade ago.
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Well that was a series finale with significant twist, which impacts on the past and presumably gives a lot of potential future storylines. Also worth noting the episode ended on a cliffhanger, which will presumably be resolved at Christmas.
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That finale episode was amazing. So much going on, so complex and so much information. In answered questions whilst throwing more our way. This series has been the best whole series that I’ve seen since early in Matt Smith’s era.
To end it on such a cliffhanger too is tormenting.
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I must admit I wasn't too much of a fan of tonight's episode. It felt a lot like a Moffat finale in my opinion (great penultimate episode but the finale itself not so much). Don't get me wrong there were some good moments and definitely some intriguing plot points. Plus the deaths of side characters actually made me somewhat doleful, but as a whole it wasn't particularly my cup of tea. It was quite nice to see the return of the classic 'What? What?! WHAT?!' cliffhanger though.
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I'm a viewer who dips in and out of Dr Who episodes, so therefore doesn't have the knowledge of the backstories and history of the Doctor's and the Master's character. I have however watched all the episodes of this series and as a casual viewer enjoyed all of them. Each episode as been a good stand alone story, with a story arc running from the first episode to the last. I also think that Jodie is now getting comfortable in playing the role of the Doctor.

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A lot of fans have been demonstrating apoplexy this year what with all the leaks (and the apparent retconning on the Doctor's history), but in the end with so little actually being answered, they seem more confused and disappointed than angry after the final episode.

This series was better than the previous series, but I hope the next one improves again. A lot of things just felt like they fizzled out. I get the feeling that where Moffat would come up with a ridiculous idea and mould to the characters and history, Chibnall comes up with a ridiculous idea and rewrites the characters and history to it, instead.
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I've no problem at all with taking a hulking great mallet to canon, it's been done loads of times before after all and there's plenty to like about the change that was introduced. But this time the internal logic didn't quite work, the show seemed to have no interest in any of the moral or emotional questions it raised and unlike when similar things were done in the past, the shocking big continuity changes didn't serve any purpose other than to be shocking big continuity changes. But, you know, at least it was trying to do something ambitious. The real problem was the rest of the episode, which was abysmal.

It was definitely a better series than the previous one, but that's a very low bar.
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Hasn't Doctor Who always just made sh!it up as it went along? Rolling Eyes . Isn't that the key to the shows longevity? Everything is as it is until it's not. The Doctor was just an alien until someone came up with the ridiculous idea of Time Lords several years later. Then there was the ridiculous introduction of regeneration.
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