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I think I am enjoying this series more than last series. Though to be fair, the ratings are certainly far from what one might consider to be impressive.

The overnight ratings are not concerning - it is the consolidated ratings after a week which are key. However when we look at shows on Sunday nights across the main channels, their ratings are down too.

Dancing on Ice last week only narrowly beat Doctor Who in the overnights, Dancing on Ice at 4.4 million, Doctor Who 4.2 million - so even ITV's big Sunday night live entertainment show is not doing great in the overnights.

For perspective, the highest rated overnight show last Sunday was Call the Midwife on BBC One with 6.5 million. No show attracted more than this last Sunday.

Definitely agree with you there. Sunday's don't seem to be doing well in the overnights at the moment. When putting Doctor Who's overnights into perspective, they're actually rather decent.
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Audience Appreciation for this series is hovering around BBC TV average at 82. Definitely not as good as most previous series (85 is considered "excellent", achieved by series 1-7), but... well, average.
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Meridian (South East) South East Today
Average is how I would consider the majority of stories in recent series. This last series has been decent in my opinion (bar Orphan 55), even tonight's episode I guess was alright. Though I think you notice how much the public perception of the programme has changed since Tennant/Early Smith when even here on TV Forum, people aren't discussing each episode as they would have a decade ago.
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