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On Friday I picked up a Dr Who box set of the last series at the Mind charity shop for £3.00... enough said.
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I think I am enjoying this series more than last series. Though to be fair, the ratings are certainly far from what one might consider to be impressive.

The overnight ratings are not concerning - it is the consolidated ratings after a week which are key. However when we look at shows on Sunday nights across the main channels, their ratings are down too.

Dancing on Ice last week only narrowly beat Doctor Who in the overnights, Dancing on Ice at 4.4 million, Doctor Who 4.2 million - so even ITV's big Sunday night live entertainment show is not doing great in the overnights.

For perspective, the highest rated overnight show last Sunday was Call the Midwife on BBC One with 6.5 million. No show attracted more than this last Sunday.
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Well this series has been more of a rollercoaster than the last one, in terms of episode quality at least. A fairly good opening two-parter, not without its problems, then quite possibly the worst episode of Doctor Who ever. Everything about it was just terrible.

Episode 4 was a return to average, at least, then out of nowhere comes episode 5 which, at the very least, no-one seems to be accusing of being "average." A small but noisy contingent have already decided what it means for the Doctor's history, based on only partially confirmed rumour, and have declared that they're out, and a thankfully even smaller contingent have decided it's the final proof that white males are no longer welcome in Doctor Who Laughing

Episode 3's going to leave a nasty stain on this series, but it's managed to learn from some of last year's mistakes, at least.
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