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Doctor Who - Revolution Of The Daleks

New Years Day - 6:45pm - BBC One ... 8pm (US) - BBC America

DJGM Granada North West Today
Tomorrow evening we have the premiere of the new Doctor Who episode "Revolution Of The Daleks". Highlights include:

<-> New look Daleks based upon the design first seen in the NY2019 special "Resolution", introduced as "Defence Drones"
<-> The Doctor trapped in an alien prison after being sent there by the Judoon. Rumour is, this alien prison maybe Shada.
<-> Graham, Ryan and Yaz on board a TARDIS that isn't the Doctor's TARDIS, with slightly more classic TARDIS design.

Oh, and a certain Captain Jack Harkness is back (again) and maybe helps get The Doctor out of the alien prison.

Meanwhile, I'm watching a Doctor Who marathon (in the lead up to the new episode) on BBC America.
"The Not-So-Late-Show with Greg Mitchell" will hopefully return in some form, somewhere soon.
Unlikely to be on Roch Valley Radio though.

Stay tuned . . .
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johnnyboy Founding member Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Personally very excited about the return of Captain Jack, my favourite main character from the last 15 years of the rebooted series.

I rewatched every Torchwood earlier this year when recovering from illness and it reminded me just how much I missed Torchwood and Captain Jack's involvement in various Doctor adventures.

Captain Jack is... BACK!!!
OFCOM's queen bitch
I echo those sentiments - having watched all of Torchwood again earlier in the year, it was such a good show.

Hopefully, Captain Jack's appearance will give the show a boost and a bit more of energy and fun.
paul_hadley London London
I haven’t watched since the latest incarnation of the Doctor was introduced. I may give this a go purely on the basis of Captain Jack being back.
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natwel27 Meridian (South East) South East Today
I'm holding out hope for this special as it seems as though it has a lot to offer and could be up there with the greats if executed well. I'm also getting RTD era finale vibes from the trailers and promotional materials. Captain Jack returning can't be a bad thing either. Fingers crossed.
Yeah, the show could do with a bit of lightness Injected back into it. It won't happen but I'd love to see Jodie's Doctor in a Russel T Davies penned story.
Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
It feels from the trailer that this may well be a Doctor-lite episode. Hopefully I'm wrong, but with her in a prison and all the action taking place well away from there (it seems) I'm intrigued how it will pan out.
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JKDerry UTV Newsline
According to some Doctor Who news sites on YouTube and online that this will be a doctor-lite episode, with Captain Jack really taking control, and also according to one Doctor Who site there is a possibility for a set change in the Doctor's TARDIS which is why they use a different one for this special, leading into a reveal of a new TARDIS interior for the upcoming new series.

As with all Doctor Who YouTube sites and websites, I of course take all of their "sources" with a pinch of salt, but one of these YouTube channels has nearly always been spot on with their sources and updates.
JexedBack South East Today
And also available in UHD on the iPlayer!
noggin Founding member
And also available in UHD on the iPlayer!

Though sadly it won't be 5.1 on iPlayer Sad
Looks like they've uploaded the episode to iPlayer about 10 minutes early...
It looks like someone's bleached the Minions.
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AlfieMulcahy Meridian (South East) South East Today
The aspect ratio still annoys me. The news graphics look guff in that format.
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