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Hi I'm new here, but I've been visiting this site for a few years, and I guess that some of you are quite familiar with my YouTube channel because of my Adult Swim UK continuities posted on the forum.

As for Disney channels across the globe, I think the closures are caused by three factors:

1. Declining viewing figures: Disney recently gone through a cull of poorly performing channels (or least reducing distribution), in Australia, Germany, Italy etc. Even in the UK, Disney XD+1 was removed from Virgin, a channel that existed on Telewest/NTL from the Fox Kids days, it's only a timeshift, but its removal is pretty much the canary in the coalmine, plus the removal of Disney's channels from NOW TV. In Australia, Foxtel has announced that they will close their Disney Movie channel, Disney XD recently closed in the country too, Foxtel is currently in ongoing negotiations to keep Disney Channel and Disney Junior on the platform. It's said that Marvel HQ will replace Disney XD in South Africa due to some leaked information from DStv, in the UK, the Disney XD YouTube channel became Marvel HQ UK. The very last Disney Cinemagic channel closed in Germany with no replacement. As for Disney UK's channels, it's really only Disney Junior keeping it all afloat.

Please note: The below article had some misinformation that was later corrected, it's only Foxtel Movies Disney closing, the negotiations for the other Disney channels are on-going.


2. The Disney/Fox merger is also another reason and a catalyst for the ongoing restructuring, Disney has been examining their international FOX channels (as well as reviewing their existing portfolio) and close their unprofitable channels, these include the recent closures of YourTV in the UK and also Fox Comedy, Nat Geo People and Fox Animation in Italy, and of course Disney XD. The closures should strengthen Disney's existing channels in terms of scheduling and hopefully viewing figures, also Disney+ will be home for these Disney XD and Nat Geo shows too, not sure what Disney has in mind for content on FOX channels, I suppose this will continue to be handled by the remaining FOX channels and by third-party streaming services and VOD on pay-TV providers.

3. (and links points 1 and 2) The launch of Disney+, a streaming service will be cheaper for Disney to operate where it can put a large amount of content it usually airs on its secondary channels and it has a competitive price with the anticipation of a high uptake from launch, if Disney markets Disney+ well and attract subscribers, the purpose of Disney's channels will be diminished, its future presence on TV depends on Disney+'s success (and failure) and to what degree. Disney has always being stronger in the movie department, which is why Sky Movies Disney exist, it has been cheaper for them for Sky to handle their movies on their behalf, but I can see this channel closing as soon as the current contract expires and when the UK version of Disney+ is up and running.
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Not much more though, it’ll be $6.99 in the States - incidentally €6.99 is what Irish users pay for DisneyLife which is a bit more than the U.K. price in euros.

The Simpsons will be a big draw for some people, as amazingly I don’t think it has ever been made available for streaming in the U.K. & Ireland. All the Marvel films (eventually), all the Star Wars films. And most importantly from Disney’s POV, all the Walt Disney Classics films, which I don’t think even DisneyLife has.
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Apparently they do. Look at the link in my last post, it says:
Watch 450+ classic and newer Disney movies

As for Simpsons, yeah, it's not even on All4. In fact, Channel 4 is probably rather annoyed about this, because new episodes will be on Disney+ before Channel 4 (they should appear there as soon as Sky One has shown them).
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Well if they release season 20 next year (that previous US release was vanilla, without the usual extras and audio commentaries, so it should be re-released there as well), then the cropping problem will no longer be a factor, as Sky's cropped versions will no longer be the only versions available. Especially if Disney+ also has the uncropped versions like bilky said.
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They aren't the only versions available at the moment as Channel 4 are at least (for now) still showing the SD 4:3 versions.

I remember when they first introduced the Simpsons streaming service in the US they put the cropped versions up and got so many complaints they changed them to the 4:3 ones almost straight away. That probably has a lot to do with why Disney+ are sticking with them.

The problem with them is that it's done terribly, both in the framing of the shots, often cutting off text, the tops of heads and visual gags, but also the processing they've used to make them psuedo-HD, which would still look awful even if they'd kept them in 4:3. It really does looked like it was a rushed, mostly automated job rather than any sort of proper care and attention was put into it.