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Discovery to launch second Freeview channel - Quest Red

News emerges weeks after Sky dispute was settled - launches March 15th. (February 2017)

A former member
When do I have to retune to get the channel and is +1 going off freeview?
SirSmoggie1979 Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
After 12 noon tomorrow.Quest Red will then be on channel 38 & Quest + 1 on channel 92.
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Brekkie Recently warned Wales Wales Today
Think there are a few tweaks in the depths of the EPG at the same time.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
Andrew Wood Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Shame to have to retune after noon when Quest Red lists their first programme at 10am.
Rofters Granada North West Today
Launch day schedule:

1000-Extreme Couponing
1100-Homes Under The Hammer
1300-Say Yes To The Dress
1500-Cake Boss
1600-Animal Cops Houston
1700-Bondi Vet
1800-Long Island Medium
1900-Cake Boss
2000-Say Yes To The Dress
2100-Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour
2200-Vogue Willams Investigates Transgender
2300-True Crime With Aphrodite Jones
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A former member
There alot of adverts on today's papers.
dbl London London
Red is now on Freeview
alexhduk UTV Newsline
So far the channel hasn't appeared on the Northern Irish Sky EPG at all, but it has launched on Freeview, very strange.
VMPhil Granada North West Today
For the record it was on Virgin from early this morning
VMPhil Granada North West Today
Well, that launch went well… looking at my recording there was an ident with an announcement, but as soon as the announcer began speaking the programme started too, and ended up talking over the first 10 seconds of it.
Rex London London
Quest Red's launch has set off numerous changes on Freeview - Tiny Pop has moved to the local mux to facilitate the launch.
TruTV now has the ex-Tiny Pop stream; meaning that Quest Red in effect has a 24 hour stream.

Full list of changes on the Freeview thread soon... Rolling Eyes
A former member
We have in terms of Normal pres: 3 break bumpers and at least 6 idents. plus promos ECP which also cross promote Quest normal. I can now understand why Quest red was pick.

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