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Granada North West Today
Launch day schedule:

1000-Extreme Couponing
1100-Homes Under The Hammer
1300-Say Yes To The Dress
1500-Cake Boss
1600-Animal Cops Houston
1700-Bondi Vet
1800-Long Island Medium
1900-Cake Boss
2000-Say Yes To The Dress
2100-Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour
2200-Vogue Willams Investigates Transgender
2300-True Crime With Aphrodite Jones
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London London
Quest Red's launch has set off numerous changes on Freeview - Tiny Pop has moved to the local mux to facilitate the launch.
TruTV now has the ex-Tiny Pop stream; meaning that Quest Red in effect has a 24 hour stream.

Full list of changes on the Freeview thread soon... Rolling Eyes
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