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STV Central Reporting Scotland
At First I thought Stupid STV, you broadcast the network film Die another day on Friday, Now your rebroadcasting it tonight??? it not even been three days! But it seems ITV are doing the excat same, what on earth is going on....

Mind you the special efforts are truly awful, are there replying it just to give us a laugh?
Is the next post dreaded?
London London
They seem to be showing Bond films in order, The World Is Not Enough was on the other week.
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On a similar note, I quite often notice the digital channels (in particular ITV2 and ITV4) will show a film, then show some cheap fodder, then show the same film again half an hour later...

I think that's just the break in the film for ITV2's entertainment news round up, it didn't used to be part of the EPG but they now do it for some reason.
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It's a five minute slot called FYI Daily IIRC even though it runs for less than a minute. Features news about as interesting as the crumb tray in my toaster.

Produced by ITN Productions who have done similar filler for 5STAR and 5USA.

Ooh yes, I was on that apparently (when I did something this year that went ever-so-slightly viral - http://www.itv.com/news/2016-01-12/church-organists-david-bowie-tribute-moves-internet-to-tears/ ...) - never saw it, but I got an email from ITN Productions asking for permission for them to use the original video (which I gave). I always wondered where that ended up...
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