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Days that Shook the World

(September 2004)

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Has anyone else watched "Days that Shook the World" on BBC2, BBC4 or UK History.

A brilliant education series which covers major events in modern history in just half-an-hour, although regularly shown in hour-long episodes pairing up events (eg Queens Coronation / Death of Diana).

I don't often (if ever) watch history programmes - but I find this very watchable and learn quite a bit along the way. It's also amazing what big events took place on exactly the same day (eg Queens Coronation / DNA discovery).
Cerulean Sunrise
Always try to catch them, I love modern world history. It always seems to be Martin Luther King being shot / Nelson Mandela being released when I catch it on UKTV History though
Elektrik Media
Funnily enough- I couldn't sleep last night and came across the one about Lockerbie.

Amazing stuff.

rts Founding member
I watched the one about Bluebird last night just before I went out. Infact I made myself late so I could watch the finish. Well composed programmes indeed.
Gavin Scott Founding member
The Queen's Coronation and Diana accident one was truly brilliant.

Fascinating to see how the director of the Coronation risked his career to give us the "close up" of the newly crowned Queen, even though he was forbidden to do so by the Palace. Every camera the BBC owned was pressed into commission for the event. Amazing footage.

The recreation of the Diana car crash, and the events that led up to it was spine chilling.

As an aside; the thought occurs that if they *do* find evidence to suggest Henri Paul wasn't actually drunk, as is currently being suggested, then I suppose they would have to remake this piece of television.

Excellent series though. Well worth catching one of the many 'encore presentations' on UKTV History.

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