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To end any speculation, I work at Daybreak and have been part of the rehearsals all weekend.
Firstly no pictures of the set will be released until the show has been on screen as they want viewers to see it for the first time from 6am.

The outside stage pic on the Wharf will be where Little Mix will be performing on the show. This stage is not permanent.
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It has been revealed that Laura Tobin is Daybreak's new weather presenter.

Ah yes, forgot about that. The reason I ask is because he did make a tweet in response to someone who had asked him whether he would ever do the bouncing weather map again, I think he said that he would be doing something soon. Can't find the tweet atm.
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Helen Fospero

RT @MitchWilson_: @LadyFosp are you still with the show?" Yes I am

That is great news that she has not been sidelined and is still part of the show. She probably wanted to remain freelance instead of committing full time to the programme. I guess she will act as cover for Ranvir during holidays presenting the newshour and regular news bulletins.

Also, we know that Kate Garraway is the Deputy Presenter for Lorraine, but has it been confirmed who will deputise for Aled. I was under the assumption it would be Matt, Gethin or John. Aled does have a long holiday away in the spring for his Cathedral tour. I personally think Matt or John would be more suitable Deputy Presenters compared to Gethin given their broadcasting experience.
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