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Daybreak - the launch onwards

From 6am (September 2010)

Asa Admin Meridian (South East) South East Today
As is the way, the original thread will be locked and this one opened just before 6am tomorrow to discuss the new programme.

The existing GMTV thread will remain open but should obviously be dedicated only to GMTV talk.

Cheers, Asa
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Titles are nice. Studio seems good so far too. and using the Nice background from the titles too.

First Story a bit "old" News, though. Confused
Revolution London London
Studio looks very nice.
A former member
Looking nice so far, I did think there would be more colour when it was dark out for some reason.
Telly Media London London
Yeah - I think the studio and titles look good.

Here's a couple of pix ahead of the regional opt-out:


Is it just me or does the name strap being only from the lower part of clock look a little stupid . Maybe it will look better with the ticker, if they have one,

Also is it just me or is the news area background showing too much reflection. You could see the Sports/Entertainment bar thing ( Think it was that anyway!) I suppose they can only do so much!

Nice walkabout too! The weather screen looks better than in the photos the other day too and the "lines" came in useful for the numerous city daybreaks. But not usre I like the actual weather coming from that screen rather than a CSO.

The page 3 gag made me laugh too.
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DrewF Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Looks pretty nice - although there is a giant reflection behind Tasmin Lucia Khan showing her back and some of the back of the studio. The angle's now been changed though. And Tamsin's not great is she - otherwise seems very good Cool

EDIT: The studio looks even better after the quick tour showing the sport, weather and news areas. And the weather idea with the cameras of different cities weather is quite clever - and decent enough graphics too
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RDJ Central (West) Midlands Today
Hmmm... On-screen Clock looks quite ugly. Also the background behind Tasmin is not good at all, It's just black and started off with a reflection of Dan stood at his Sports desk. Also the massive clock behind guests looks very out of place too.

I don't think this set is optimised for when it's so dark outside as it just reflects everything in the studio. Though I can see as the sun rises and gets brighter it's going to look a lot nicer.
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Central News South January 9th 1989 - December 3rd 2006
Outstanding. I was never a fan of GMTV, but I thought I'd get online and give Daybreak a go, especially as it's launch day.

So I go to the online ITV Player to watch the live ITV1 stream - only I can't find it. I click on the big and small channel logos I can see, I go round in circles a few times scanning various ITV Player pages, before I finally see a small, barely noticeable link at the bottom of the page that says "Watch ITV", which I select, and which takes me to an entirely different 'player' at with a giant "WATCH ITV" logo at the top, and no ITV Player branding to be seen.

I have no idea what the purpose is in segregating the live streams so completely from the branded ITV Player section of the site, nor why there's virtually no signposting between the two sections, other than nondescript generic links that blend into the rest of the page - but anyway...

I sit through the tedium of not one, but two, adverts - a full minute's worth, before I finally get the ITV1 live stream going, just as the ITV News bulletin is coming to a close.

Looking forward to witnessing the dawn of a new era in breakfast television, I eagerly await the opening moments of the all-new show, only to have my parade thoroughly p!ssed on by this:



Well, I tried. I hung in there as long as I could, I jumped over hurdles and through hoops, but ITV obviously just don't want me to watch their sparkly new programme - so I guess I'll take the hint and stick with BBC Breakfast.
dbl London London
That reflection is seriously ugly:
Revolution London London
The edges on the video wall were very visible during that weather update, which is a bit of a let down considering the effort they put into the new studio.
RDJ Central (West) Midlands Today
Regional weather graphics look awful. Even worse and more basic than the generic ITV graphics and that's saying something! That's according to London though.
Central News South January 9th 1989 - December 3rd 2006

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