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The female version of Dave...
Dave's sister channel, Davina, will build even further on Dave's female audience by delivering satirical and witty programming focusing on lifestyle programming and celebrity gossip. Davina will also showcase the best in cutting-edge sitcoms and stand-up from leading comediennes, such as Smack the Pony, French and Saunders and Kath and Kim.


April Fools Wink
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Good idea, maybe it shouldn't be an April Fools after all .... Watch isn't exactly taking off and is quite female skewed ...

Well not quite, it wouldn't be able to borrow from the Dave branding, something vibrant like 'Lucy' might work though.

lucy anti that common?


Lucy ain't that common? [as Dave... i.e. everyone knows a bloke called Dave, does everyone know a girl called Lucy? I would have thought Sarah or Liz]
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You got to remember though that they're appealing to the female demographic.
So whilst it would be ironic to have a female name alongside Dave, How many females do you think would watch a channel called 'Liz' obviously derived by a couple of blokes.
It wouldn't work... hence why it was an April Fool.
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