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If you look at some of the Carry on Films, Benny Hill etc. and god help us Bernard Manning, it was all part of what was considered acceptable and saucy fun. It was the norm. But burning witches was seen as draconian in those days. As we become more tolerant of 'difference' in society we find that some of what went before abhorrent. Stuff/attitudes change - you either go with it or get accused of being (in this case) a sexist dinosaur.
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The one charge he was finally convicted on was a fresh one that wasn't part of his first trial. At some point after the first trial, somebody made the police aware that a woman had, some years earlier, given a public media interview during which she chatted in a light-hearted and humorous manner about DLT having once touched her breasts.

The police then contacted the woman to ask her to give evidence. At no stage had she ever made a complaint to the police about it. Obviously it would be illegal for me to name her on here, but it is not illegal to listen to the interview that she willingly put into the public domain, and to form one's own opinions about it. In my view there is no indication in that interview that she experienced anything more than mild surprise and annoyance as a result of DLT touching her breasts through her clothes (it must also be stressed that she was an adult when it happened).

That is not an accurate representation of the case.

The researcher, just 4ft 11, in her first job since leaving university was pinned against the wall and had her breasts groped by a 6ft 1 man she was told to look after that day.

She has indeed used the incident as an anecdote in the past, and considers herself robust enough to have dealt with what happened to her. This does not mean she wasn't scared at the time, nor does it excuse DLT of his actions.

She came forward after she saw DLT berating his accusers as 'fantasists and liars'', and based on her experience considered this not to be the case. This was the only motive and she has not sought compensation or press attention.
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Stephen Fry on Wagner sums this up for me perfectly.

Skip to 36'52 (although the whole interview is worth watching, but there is a repeated section in the middle)
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I'm amazed that the statues by Eric Gill are still attached to Broadcasting House, and this the BBC logo uses his font.

Knowing the BBC if you and you alone write in to say you're offended by the font used in their logo they would undergo a full rebranding rather than risk upsetting a lone viewer.

Indeed considering the state of BBC branding at the moment that's not such a bad idea - though of course the logo is about the only thing that's right about it at the moment, and one of the few elements that still uses the font.
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