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Obviously since Dave Lee Travis was charged with sexual offences and later convicted of an indecent assault, he hasn't been on television or radio. Old episodes of Top of the Pops that he presented haven't been shown.

There's a channel called TalkingPicturesTV (Sky 343) that show old films and TV shows. One of these is 'Tell Me Another' and simply features celebrities telling anecdotes. This is shown each morning on the channel and on December 30, January 4 and 6 this will include Travis telling anecdotes.
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Nearly ALL the TV programmes on that channel are from Southern, IE its current owners. Im still waiting to see Write a Letter Mr jones? and of course that strange OAP live soap.
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I feel sorry for the viewers Wink run around has also been broadcast.
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You really shouldn't be white washing history. Its bad enough Tom and Jerry Cartoons were altered. Should the cartoons be banned with Black up faces people saying Japs and being rude? Look at the black and white mistral show. Or AYBS. It may be a different Subject matter.

All he was doing was presenting.

But white washing of any content I disagree with, People were different back then and so were the shows, Even if it was aspectable back in the day, it may be wrong now but that beside the point.
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but should they be showing Travis

Should we re-write history and pretend these people never existed?

For me it feels worse that Travis seems to be shoved into the same category as Savile (certainly by the media). Not that what he did was right but I don't think you can remotely compare squeezing someone's boobs 20 years ago (which, of all the charges he got, was the only one he was convicted of) to the sort of abuse Savile gave out over a 50-off year period. Nobody's accused DLT of abusing children or messing with dead bodies, yet the way the media go on you'd think he's just as bad. But it's all part of the Yewtree witch hunt I guess.
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Is it a whole show based around him or is he just part of a talking heads style show, which he could possibly be cut out of, but as james-2001 says should we. You also have to consider the other innocent people in such productions - should they be deprived of any potential repeat fees because of the actions of someone else within the show?

Banning shows featuring Saville or even references to Saville isn't about his victims or Saville himself IMO - it's about trying to pretend the problem never existed in the first place.
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james-20016,457 posts since 13 Sep 2015
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It's not even because innocent people losing out, I just feel it's the orwellian rewriting of history. Whether we like it or not, the likes of Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Gary Glitter had been big parts of our popular culture for decades, I don't like the idea that we should act as if they never existed. We might have found out Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris were disgusting perv, but both had been regular features on our screens for half a century, Gary Glitter sold millions of records, and (whether people will admit it or not- it's easy to say in hindsight you never really liked them or found them creepy) were hugely popular, I don't like the idea of trying to deny that.