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STV Central Reporting Scotland
Which alas get its ref from TVark, which has had a few errors. edit TVARK doesn't even claim what the wiki page is saying someone just make up facts and linked to to tv ark which is worse. https://web.archive.org/web/20160304054247/http://www2.tv-ark.org.uk/itv_wales_west/htv_presentation.html

Im sure there was a video on line from Jan 1995 which still had the old look.
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* People looking at the Logo on the curtain: 1 October 1996
* People with the remote or stamp on the screen: Early 1998. no rough date

It's the next two that seem to have unclear:
* Clouds idents some point in 1999. There is a clip from January
* The channel renamed to "PLUS" and the logo just spins around. somewhere in 1999. Defo in use in November
* The + ball from September 2002

The DOG changed from the first to second logo sometime between the 14th and 16th February 1998, judging by the screencaps on the Corrie Wiki.

It changed again (to the 'plus' being bigger and to the right of the G') on Tuesday 12th October 1999, which might also be when the new idents were introduced.
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Just a quick note re your Tyne Tees list.

If you look on Sid N's YouTube channel he has some (audio only) clips from the early 1970s.

Apparently during this time TT were using a static ident only (still the familiar TTTV logo) with a chime jingle which was totally different to the 1970s ident.

The ident that is said to have been introduced in 1969 certainly was not brought in at this time. I have seen a colour programme from TTT which used the 1960s logo in yellow, superimposed over the video and with "Colour Production" at the bottom of the caption (this was put out on their website for TTT's 50th anniversary but I never made a recording of it). The programme was from 1971 so the earliest the TTTV will have been brought in will have been later in 1971. IVC, which had been scrapped on TT in the late 1960s was reintroduced in 1971 according to Greg Bance, so it would seem sensible that the change would have been around the same time.

The full colour ident certainly had been brought in by 1976 (present at the start of "Nobody's House" from that year)

I have a feeling that the TTTV Colour logo was brought in around 1971-2 (there is a programme on YT from 1973 that uses it in static form) but the chimes Sid N has recordings of from around 1973-4 were probably used for a couple of years and the animated ident that you have listed as being from 1969 was probably only brought in around 1974-5.

This is largely guesswork (I was too young to remember much from the 70s TBH) but I think the timeline was:

1960s - 1971 -- old TTT logo (with colour variant in yellow)
c1971-c1974 -- TTTV logo but not animated and using chimes instead of the newer jingle
c1974-1979 -- TTTV Colour animated ident.
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Couple of points in relation to the above:

TV Ark had a grainy capture of the TTTV clock from around 1971. It matched the "TTTV COLOUR" ident, which would further suggest that the TTTV logo came in around that time.

Tyne Tees showed a clip from an extant copy of "Mr and Mrs" from the early 1970s, in one of their historical clip shows. It had the TTTV static ident at the start -- so if that date of that can be worked out (I believe it was produced in Newcastle for one year while Border were still in B/W) that will further narrow down the date.
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