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Cheers for the information.

Im hopeful of seeing the full ident with the jingle. I do wonder what was the 1996 Christmas ident was.

Did the Spinning ident replace this in 1984, I do wonder when it started appearing.
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Missing press were still looking for:
* Date, even rough of the 1991 Yorkshire ident being introduced.
* When did Central use From Mid June 1994 - 13 Feb 1995 during the night - Weekday/ Weekend.
* When Did Thames dump the ITV ident 28 Oct? 4 November 1991?:
* Cake was dropped: Last Central idents started on 1st OR 20 April 1998 using the word central instead of the cake.
* Was September 1983, when LWT your weekend ITV come ident appeared
* When was GCI version of TVS used during 1984.
* DID the Channel 3 branding get dropped on Monday 9th March 1998 Clips have appeared of non Ch3 appearing in Feb 1998.

* Knight ident from start to 1988
* Flag come in, 21st March 1988: bang on!
* ITV logo was added SEE page-21 and

* First Ident from Start Until 1989 Word Border Televison
* Second Ident, ITV 89 ident lanuched on 1 September 1989 until 1994?
* An additional ident was also used: which come from an ITV promo from 1990- December 1992 with Word Border Televison added.
* 1st Jan OR September 1993? , Pink ident featuring a background of pastel colours. The music was retained from the generic look. Border also began to use in-vision continuity more heavily. and continuled to use the 1989 ident.
* 4th ident: Plain light blue, September 1994
* 5th and 6th: The two moving DARK Blue idents ( with differnet muisc) were introduced on 1st September 1995 and replaced the light blue slate one. used until 7th November 1999
* 7th Nov. 1999: Hearts idents
* IVC on Border at weekends was dropped in October 1998 and on weekdays with effect from 8 November 1999,

Its believe In ealry 1983 more colourful moon was used as front/end cap for TV shows Autumn 1983 S3 Bullseye
More information needed.

Central Strips were introduced to the IVC studio by at least December 1982, before being added to feature in Central's own promotions in 1983

*The cake is introduced---The "one to watch" launched around 5 August 1985 for continuity purposes only with some junctions still using announcers in-vision.
At this time, the ordinary Central ident was still being used at the start of programmes. It looked a bit odd linking from the cake to the globe, but it did happen.
The networked cake production animation started in 1988 and lasted for around 12 months when it was decided by the network that only static prod caps were to be used.
We obviously kept the animated cake locally. Hope this is helpful. By the way, the Central presentation caption for acquired programming was replaced with a Central cake end ident.

* Cake was dropped: Last Central idents started on 1st OR 20 April 1998 using the word central instead of the cake.
* Carlton replaced Central idents on 6 September 1999

* First Ident January 1, 1993 -- at midnight. By autumn 93 there were revised to no longer have London or anyone spoken, Please note, not all the dents were montages some were single straight Idents even up until summer 1995.
* Second ident started on 4th September 1995
* Third Ident started on Monday 25th November 1996

* Still Granada Ident: 1970 - UNTIL Aug 1989!!! 9 it was updated with a computer version in 1984, spot the Difference?????
* In the spring of 1985 the Granada Logo was updated, but not used for idents at first. The G symbol was made bolder and become slanted, and appeared for presentation and continuity.
* Addition ident: Birthday : Autumn 1986: Reaplce by
* Addition ident: GOLD Still: Autumn 1987: Reaplce by
* Addition ident: Silver Still: 1988
* Addtion Ident start of 1989 green-yellow ident.

All replace by :
* moving ident with IBA muisc: September 1989 - April 1990
* hybrid ITV ident was used with the above ident Not sure when it first appear???

* White ident with blue box ‘Stripe’ : April 1990, replaced by October 1991 with the blue one.
* Updated ‘Stripe’ ident Grey back ground: October 1991 -May 1992
* Granada North West Ident still kept in use until May 1992
* UPDATED "Stripes" back to white background ident May 1992 until Dec 1994
* FLAGS: Spring 1994 - Dec 1994/ During this time Season Idents were also used.

* Blue backgroud: Monday 2nd January 1995, 9.25am - 1999 ( after Sept 1996 used mainly for news and important progmrammes) There were two variants. The normal one and one shot at an angle. The angle one didn't last long

* weird idents: September 1996, the rest were gradually added between then and 1998. see Page 22 for full list:
* hearts Nov 8th 1999 - Oct. 28th 2002

There were two "Granada in the North West" variants for regional programmes.
The 1990 version had its own form up and tune and this continued to be used when the blue ident came in.
When the newer white ident came, a matching North West variant arrived as well, but apart from the wording, the ident was the same as the standard one. The flags, I'm not sure on when they came and went but am certain they didn't totally replace the standard stripe ident.

* Grampian "In Colour" ident 1971 - 1976
* Dark Blue Ident used from 1977 - 1983
* Black Ident 1983-85. ( first appeared as a Front and end cap in 1980)
* first Computer Generated April 1985
* ITV ident 1 Sept 1989 until Sunday, 4th October 1998 NOTE most of the time INVision CA was used
* Full-screen St Andrews Cross: Wednesday 7th October 1998
* Shattering glass" ident was introduced in the second week of October 1998 as a direct replacement for the animation used during the previous week
* Blue Squares: Monday 28th February 2000
* Celeb idents 6th January 2003

* Harlech 4th March 1968
* Arial 1970 - 1987
* 3rd HTV ident September 1987 - 1989 ( Claimed 7 September 1987)
* ITV ident: 1st September 1989 - dec 31st 1992
NOTE There were two:
~ Standard one:
~ HTV pertinently static with music playing with the " HTV ( west/wales) " sweeping in from the left to center of the screen.
* 4th HTV ident: 1st January 1993 - xmas 1994 Deep blue ident
* 5th Ident: January 1995 - 7th March 1999 wavy ident Aqua colour ( Claimed 13 February ) Two versions made with one shot at an angle

* Addition idents during 1995- 98 NOTE there were updated over this period
FILM ident
Drama Ident :

* 6th Orange/water ident appear spring 1997 used until the end of the year:
* 7th IDENT 8th March 1999 – 7 November 1999 Yellow ident
* 8th Granada Hearts: November 8th 1999 - 1st July 01
* 9th Calrton Stars: Monday 2nd June 2001 - 2002

London Weekend Television
Start: Word London weekend television:
* In 1969 pound Coin
* In 1971 First LWT River ident "London Weekend " ( still in use in spring, plus DAVID BOWIE "Weekend show had this ident at the star of it show for broadcast on (09/07/1978)
* in 1978 updated LWT river ident " London Weekend Television" C September 1978
* LWT dropped in-vision announcers in ealry January 1983. "Your Weekend ITV" solgin is introduce, By September 1983 a new local computer animated ident,
bearing the slogan was used.
* Addition ident appeared in 1984 " revolving '3D' logo LWT " used along with 1978 and 1983 ident until 1986.

* On 29th August 1986 first Computer Ident, Long and short version of both
~Genesis, in which the stripes fold on letter by letter,: ( Short Ident - where all the letters form up together)
~Solari, a vertical venetian blind effect seen in the London region only.
~Kids version of kids programmes of course!

* On 1st September 1989 ITV ident ( NOTE the 86 ident bought back for into into Local show in 90-92)
* On 4th September 1992,
~ flying blocks'
~ 'flare"
ITV logo appeared for Networked shows, ( ITV was dropped from both in 1994)

LWT 'flare" also had just a moving background: is that an ident?

* 1995 "LONDON WEEKEND" with voice of Peter Lewis: ?????
* On 30 August 1996, updated IDENT proof there made 5/6 different vertaions
* Hearts ident: 8 November 8th 1999
* Firewall: 24 March 2000, , with an updated version on 11/08/01.

1st Jan 1993 Meridian's original ident
2nd ident 2 September 1996, featuring purple colours. There were two versions
3rd ident was replaced in autumn 1998
ITV logo was added to promos and idents SEE page-21 and
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Scottish Television
From 1957, the ident was a lion rampant with the word Scottish (in caps and lower case) above and Television below.
By 1960 - this was replaced by the 'quadrant' logo with four black squares separated by a thin centre cross. the letters S, T, V, in three boxes and the lion rampant in the fourth.

Then, after, the
# 1965-1970 you can thank MR STV! for these
An animated spinning lion (inside a box) made his debut in 1965 by Francis essex who took over as Controller of programmes: athough this was later modified as a simple zoom in following, according to some reports, a complaint from The Lord Lyon King of Arms, the man in charge of protecting Scotland's heraldry When colour began the lion continued to zoom but in pale blue.

After the start of colour broadcasting, the lion rampant symbol was replaced within a year by a stylised 'STV' logo, which during its 15 year rein, change very little.

The First version showed a zooming STV, by mid 70s it was updated with the letter comforming into the centre to make "STV". By the mid 70s it was used as either a static caption, or form up from a pattered design that was supposed to represent tartan.

In the early 1980s promgramme slide, Roating STV ( 3D animation) or Static Caption was used until 1985.
Accompanying the look was a clock against a blue background with the white STV logo forming a pattern across the screen.

Start up 1957-85:
The station's first theme was a specially composed piece by Geraldo entitled Scotlandia, which began each day's broadcasting - the theme continued to be heard until August 1985,
this was accompanied At the climax by a slowly rotating '3D' STV 'illuminated name block' appeared. The 3D idents were usually produced from actual moving model

The lion rampant appeared in white on a black TV-Screen-shaped box at the top, a black band appeared with the words SCOTTISH TELEVISION in a bold condensed font in white on black centre screen,
and Channel 10 in white on grey at the bottom. However this meant always having a telecine machine available for use at station opening.
When the openings were 12:55 and 16:55 this was relatively simple but as startup got earlier, it wasn't economic to bring an operator in on a special shift just to run a 15" animation,
so that was paermanently dispensed with and a still slide used instead. The 3D animation was never used at startup, as it came off VT and would have tied up a machine/operator.

* On 31 August 1985 new Computer ident "Thistle" appeared ( also used for start and end caps) ( First got outing in April? )
* NEW Clock kept until DECEMBER 1988**

* In January 1988 a new set of Seasonal Ident were used, which were also used along side the 1985.
+Jan - MARCH: 88 on Scottish
+April, May, June : Flat looking Ident
+July- December: , Water type ident -- Dark blue, Green, yellow one, dark red and Light brown/sandy colour
Sand version of the 1985 ident for summer and Snow version of the 1985 ident for Xmas

* JANUARY 1989: A new 2D identity Blue in colour, with a plump thistle:
* NEW CLOCK, was introduced.
~ Addition tiddlywinks ident with name included from Jan 1991-Dec 1992

~ 1st September STV used inconjuction with the ITV Generic look in 1989, Only last a few months before being completely dropped. by December ?
~ Brown ident introduce from 31 August – December 14th 1990. Brown looking one
~ Scenic ident were also used 4th January until the 30th August 1991
~31st August – 31st October 1991: A fish jumping in a stream, with the 1985 ident. From November was used as for promos up till Christmas
~ Xmas
~ Crystal ident 4 January – 27th March 1992
~ Colouful Crystal: 28th March 1992 – 28th August
~ Autumn version of the 1992 Xmas ident. 29th August until the? 10th December 1992
~ Xmas version of used Autumn ident

* Purple Thistle: 1st January 1993 - 3 Nov 1996 ( four night time version plus sport and Jobfinder_)
* light blue/sky thistle: 4th November 1996 to 27 February 2000 Which also had Film and Nighttime version
* Blue Squares : 28 February 2000
* 7 January 2003, when Scottish and Grampian adopted the celebrity idents package, albeit with their own logos attached and also featuring Scottish and Grampian presenters. The package was never updated unlike ITV version which was took place in September 2003. but STV did take sky ident in 2004 for use into the lunchtime news.

* First day Ident: FROM THAMES' written in white in the Helvetica font 'Salute to Thames', composed by Johnny Hawkesworth.

2nd Thames ident in 1968:
* Black and white Sky line,
* in 1969 a new colour sky line ident come into use:
* A second colour version of the ident came into use from 1976,
* digital re-make of the ident, during 1986
* XXI' Ident, summer 1989 for its 21st birthday
* 4th September ITV ident Thames started on a monday!

In September 1990 New logo appeared:
* ITV ident which was updated with the new logo
* New skyline ident was introduce regional programming for London. which different audio and was only used before local shows
* late October/early Nov 1991. of the local ident with Revised music, ident was used for all junctions and programmes.

1st ident appeared 1st January 1982: two version, WeekDay and Weekend.
2nd: GCI TVS logo appeared in 1984???
3rd: TVS logo just roating appered in Auttum 1984 - Sept 87
4th: Ident appeared on 7 September 1987. September 28th news
5th: ident appeared on 2 October 1989

* Launch identity on January 1, 1982,
* Second Ident appeared in May 1985
* Seasonal idents: In September 1989, the station instead chose to launch seasonal idents whic

Tyne Tees
* First Colour Ident: 1969 - 79
* On 24 October 1979, the ident was modified once more to remove the word colour and to give it a more dynamic form up.
* On 5 September 1988, "Flowing Rivers"
* On Friday 1 September 1989 Tyne Tees adopted the 1989 ITV generic look.
* Tyne Tees abandoned it in May 1991. for blocky glass version, with 89 music
* Updated version on Monday 6th January 1992 - Colourful blocky glass with 89 music
* ANOTHER one: white background No idea when used in 1992: May - October 1992 ??
* Monday 5th October 1992 : The silver TTTV ident
* Monday 2nd September 1996 Channel 3 ident: ended 8th March 1998
* Monday 9th March 1998 - 8 November 1998 ( after this date for LOCAL PROGRAMMES ONLY until 2000.
* Red ident of the 1999 ident for Tyne Tees 40th in Mid January for one week only
* New ident September 2000, TT logo in a white box on top of blue background for LOCAL SHOWS ONLY

From September 1993 until 1996 when the pres department closed completely, for 99% of all programmes IVC or a static slide were used.
The generic ident were replaced with ones produced by Tyne Tees.

* 1968: moving Yorkshire TV
* 1970: Yorkshire TV in colour
* Jan 1982 Updated version with "colour" Dropped and updated String Chervon made bigger and brighter.
* 1983: version of the Serving 6 Million Viewers animation.
* 1984.C Second versoin of 6M with map...
* 1985: third verion Serving 6 Million Viewers slogan from space.
# Programme slides were used into most programmes expect the news: IE 1970s -1987...

* Jan 1987:
~ Liquid Gold ident
~ revolving chevron
~ except before programmes produced by YTV - they were still introduced over a slide, probably because they didn't want to crash two chevron logos - YTV still showed the frontcaps if present on the tapes

* Friday 1st 1989, Yorkshire Television adopted the first ITV generic look
~ Standard version
~ Static version with the Chevron in the middle

* ????? 1991 It was changed to show LARGE Chevron instead of the ITV Logo at the end.
* New ident where the LARGE Chevron appeared at the end instead of ITV along with NEW font for Yorkshire television
~Static version with the Chevron in the middle from 1989 was kept:

* Monday 5th September 1994 : ITV look dropped and replaced
* Monday 3rd October 1996 Channel 3 ident: ended 8th March 1998
* Monday 9th March 1998 - 8 November 1999
* 8 November 1999 - 2002: NEW ident for local show ONLY which had purple rotating chevrons in the background

UTV: was it
* Friday 31st October 1980, for 21st Birthday
* Monday 7th September 1987 leading into the first edition of "Six Tonight"

ITV as its self:
* 1989 Ident: 1st September ( with Thames on the 4th Sept) see: page-8 It seems around 5.10 or 5.40pm.
* Carlton Stars Monday 6 September 1999
* Granada hearts Nov 8th 1999
* Celeb idents Oct. 28th 2002

Heart package: 5th Ocotber 1998
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17 days later

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Did BBC Scotland use alot of the network promos for stuff between 1991-97?
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When Did Sky one introduce this look? September 2004 or September 2005?
rob Founding member
When Did Sky one introduce this look? September 2004 or September 2005?

Tuesday September 21 2004 according to The TV Room
There were a few articles written about it at the time:

It was also discussed on this forum:
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Thank you,

So I take it the Live action ones where used form Jan - September 2004?
rob Founding member
The TV Room seems to think so, looking at the Sky One index.
Thank you,

So I take it the Live action ones where used form Jan - September 2004?

Correct, they were introdcued the day Sky One showed the Tony Blair episode of The Simpsons, which was a Friday in January 2004 IIRC.
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9 January 2004 it is then.

14 days later

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IT seems some missing details has cropped up about Granada plus:

* When did the channel rebrand to G plus?
* When did the idents change from people to non people backgrounds?
* When did G get dropped and it become plus?

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