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Dancing on Ice vs Strictly Come Dancing

(January 2007)

David_02 Granada North West Today
intheknow posted:
02cashindavid posted:
some reason

Ooooh I know! Let me guess...yes..that's it...the reason is's on ITV.

Not at all. I just think it's an altogether better produced, more entertaining show. Just because I don't feel the need to arse lick the BBC at every opportunity, doesn't mean that I also believe that everything ITV produces is excellent, because you and I both know that's not true.
I think that the format of SCD is more versatile, there are more styles of dance than ice-skating.
Square Eyes Founding member
Dancing on Ice is better, the presentation looks superb and is on a grander scale.

There is a hell of a lot more to ice dancing than ballroom dancing, not only do you have to learn the movement there is the extra hazard of the ice to contend which is a much bigger challenge. Part of the fun of DOI is knowing that anything could go wrong, a slip a fall, you don't see that very often on Strictly which is all too predictable and samey every week.

I think they could perhaps do with somebody a bit higher profile than Holly Willoughby presenting alongside Phillip, what does she do the rest of the year now Saturday Showdown is gone ?
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
She was a surprise choice but is a perfectably capable presenter - far better than Tess Daly anyhow!
Put The Telly On Meridian (South East) South East Today
I do like Holly, she has an admirability factor whereas Tess doesn't.
Jez Founding member Wales Wales Today
I like Holly too - she works well as a co host with Phillip.
DOI presenters are SO much better than Bruce and Tess who are uncomfortable to watch.

SCD looks like a relic from the 1970's, no effort has been put in to bring it up to date (including in the presenters!), although I guess that's why it appeals to it's much older audience.
ohwhatanight Founding member
For some reason I had never watched SCD before until an episode just before Christmas and I was totally bored.

I had only ever watched DOI and regardless of the presentation, studio and presenters the whole concept of DOI is so much better than SCD. Everything that can be done with SCD has been done and it needs to rested and not expanded into Strictly Dance Fever - or whatever it was called.

The whole skill of watching someone learn to ice skate and progress into complicated routines adds to the whole excitement of the DOI event. SCD just seems dull in comparison.

ITV have thrown everything at this and it works with great presenters and a fantastic studio. As reality shows go I think it is quite a formidable lineup with some eye candy for everyone and a range of ages not just ALL youngsters.

I just can't believe it's NOT being repeated on ITV2 this morning!

Therefore DOI got my vote - but I know SCD will win the vote.....Wink
ohwhatanight posted:

I just can't believe it's NOT being repeated on ITV2 this morning!

It is being repeated on ITV1 from 14:35.
ohwhatanight Founding member
lukey37 posted:
ohwhatanight posted:

I just can't believe it's NOT being repeated on ITV2 this morning!

It is being repeated on ITV1 from 14:35.

Yeah I know....but it seems over the last few years ITV2 has acted as hangover tv with all the great stuff from ITV1 Saturday night being repeated twice on a Sunday....once in the morning and then again at 19:00. This doesnt seem to be happening this time!
SCD works well because it has a LIVE band with live singers. That's what attracts me, as a musical theatre actor, singer and dancer, to the show - the fact that there is a good, live orchestra. Skating to backing tracks is boring.

As for "everything that can be done with SCD has been" - surely the DOI thing is even worse? We saw all the daring lifts last year, I'd be hard pushed to see the same this year.

Or maybe it's because ITV's just television for white trash. Maybe.
How did I know that some (apologies in advance...) cock was going to bring up this debate!

This is one of those impulse threads that are created by a person, who two minutes later, doesn't give a toss about any responses posted on it, but just wants to create a talking point for the sake of it.

I'd be interested to know whether he/she has actually viewed this thread. I hope I'm wrong, and I apologies if I am - I've just recently seen so many throw-away threads on this place (mainly with opinion polls attached to them), where the poster has no interest in the actual result of the poll - but just posts for the sake for "having an account".

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