noggin Founding member
DOI still has the edge over Strictly for me, although I realise I’m probably in a minority with this.

Certainly in audience ratings terms DOI isn't as popular as Strictly. DOI has been around the 5-5.5m for most of its run by the look of it. Strictly does a LOT better than that - almost twice as well...


Holly and Phil hold things together much better than Tess and Claudia, and the whole production just seems slicker.

I find Holly and Phil a bit too daytime for the show. Tess and Claudia bring a bit more of an LE edge to Strictly, and Claudia is in a different league to Holly.

I also think the judges on DOI are a bit less entertaining. I was disappointed Jason returned. He's a bit of a pound-shop Craig Revel Horwood, but without the same likability. (We're all in on "Nasty Craig" being a bit of a pantomime villain act. Jason just feels a bit nasty at times)