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Dancing on Ice 2021

The only changes they've made since it came back is changing the commentator and replacing Jason Gardiner with John Barrowman rather than fixing the issues that would make the show more watchable.
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Score Granada North West Today
It does seem like they’ve learnt absolutely nothing from the issues they’ve had over the years, from why the original version ended and why the new one hasn’t fully hit the heights. It’s probably only a few changes away from being a far better show, it’s frustrating that they just don’t evolve it. The priorities are, I would suggest:

1. Get all 12 couples on the ice from week 1. The first two shows are horribly padded out and just feel like a slog. Splitting them just doesn’t work, there’s no reason to not have all of them on the ice from the start.
2. Judges: Torvill & Dean are dull as dishwater and make for boring TV. There is no chemistry between them and the other two judges. The show badly misses a panto villain, Jason Gardiner perhaps went too far but he brought an edge to the show that it now totally lacks and misses. John Barrowman was clearly brought in to add more fun but he’s been a bit of disappointment, probably because he’s got no-one to bounce off. I like Ashley but again there’s not much chemistry between him and the rest. Well, there’s no chemistry between any of them. Robin Cousins & Karen Barber were just as dull as T&D but there must surely be a couple of other candidates within the world of ice dance with a bit more spark? T&D could go back to their coaching role (wouldn’t necessarily need to be as hands-on as in the original run but they feel like a better fit there).
3. Liven up the set/graphics. There’s enough commentary here about the graphics but I’d also suggest some warmer colours on the set would help, it always feels very cold.
4. Be a bit less tacky. Just minor things like stop with all the inane grinning and waving at the camera whilst on the ice, bits like that awful part last night where they got T&D to pretend to rap, or Joe Swash to come on to do the competition. Just really cringeworthy. At least they’ve got rid of that pro from the original run who always used to wink down the camera.
5. Links back to my first point but cut the padding. It’s all so drawn out, especially at this stage. Being 2 hours is t actually the problem, it is how the producers choose to fill those 2 hours, they could make much better use of them. Get all 12 on the ice from the start, have more guest performances etc.

Aside from possibly the change to the judges nothing I’ve suggested there is that radical, they’re fairly minor changes that I think would improve the whole show a lot.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Watching the Thin Ice documentary at New Year and it was amazing how little personality Jayne showed. The panel the last couple of years of the original run was when they finally got it right but I think Barrowman is the only judge I'd replace. Jason Gardener was much better than he ever got credit for and actually worked quite well with Ashley and T&D for that matter, but now it feels like 4 judges rather than a panel which complements each other.

I do think though all 12 skating in week one (with no skate off) then the first elimination in week 2 would give it a much bigger launch pad. If time really is a factor in week 2 they can use the Duel format so it's 6 head to head performances and the skate off.
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ben.anderson Anglia (East) Look East
I know Jason got a lot of hate, and sometimes he pushed it too far. The panel now is just so boring, none of them seem to jel. I agree the panel near its original run seemed to work the best. I don't like T&D as judges, but I did feel at the start of the first run it worked ok with Jason on it. Before the whole Gemma Collins stuff in the new run, Jason managed to mostly keep away from the cheap & nasty stuff. I suspect ITV wanted a bit of drama with GC and Jason and encouraged it and a year later they realised they better get away from that type of stuff (especially since the Jeremy Kyle situation).

I do think DOI has never really had a massively strong panel that has had chemistry. I think the program has always struggled with getting the panel right, but really not enjoying the current line-up of judges.

I don't know if it's just me, but I don't like the studio they use in the tent. I actually think it looks quite cheap, and looked a lot better at Elstree, with the arena-style audience (when you can have an audience). I think the studio set design though would have worked with the original audience plan at Elstree. Something just seems to be missing with this new run of DOI.

I think ITV are scared of taking any risks with their lineups in recent years and everyone has to play it safe. If Jason stayed away from the cheap and nasty tabloidy comments, I think they could have made it work.
UBox Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
I think the problem is that it's got slightly confused about what it is as a show. Go back to launch and it was primarily based on figure skating. The judges (Robin Cousins, Karen Barber, Nicky Slater) were mainly ice dancers and the scoring was out of 6 like at a winter Olympics. Changing the scoring to be out of 10 was quite a pointless change on the surface (maybe it was a touch of Strictly-ification) but it distracted from the original theme of the show (and that's just one example, they used to have the required element, etc.)

I agree about the set. It's grown on me from 2018 when I really thought it missed having the audience on screen for the atmosphere. The problem is that there's no main presentation point. Holly and Phil end up stood next to the desk for the majority of the show infront of a bland screen. The old set at least had a central stage/presentation point and allowed the presenters to make an entrance.

Some opening titles would help and having all 12 perform (surely not that hard in 2 hours!) would really help kick-off the launch show. I still preferred the old scheduling with Wild At Heart giving an hour break between the results.

Saying all of this I still enjoy it as a show just there's so many ways that it could be improved and made so much better.
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Owen A Granada North West Today
I remember when they were making a big deal of the ‘whole new MASSIVE’ studio in 2017 when they announced the relaunch for them to apparently rebuild it in 2019 because it was damaged badly in the wind (and because the rink was very small). I reckon a new set that was entirely different and quite similar to the original era one would help give the show a boost.
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fanoftv Central (West) Midlands Today
The original set worked amazing well imo, giving the impression of an ice palace. It had textures, shapes, a full judging desk right next to the rink, a presenter platform at the top, the stage to the right for the contestants and the audience on show adding layers to the picture.

The audience were used well originally showing support for the contestants, reaction to moves, and generating an atmosphere. Obviously they would not be permitted for this series, but it should be something to think about going forwards. In fact the series where they cannot have an audience they’ve made the decision to add the fake noise to generate the reaction of an audience.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Screens are always fairly lazy set design but this issue here is they take away the attention from the ice, which really should be the biggest star of the show.
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Owen A Granada North West Today
Screens are always fairly lazy set design but this issue here is they take away the attention from the ice, which really should be the biggest star of the show.

I hate how the screens are awkwardly shaped too so nothing very 'useful' can be shown on it (i.e. leaderboard, probably why they use the ice)
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iloveTV1 London London
Episode 3 will have 11 couples perform yet will only be 10 minutes longer than episode 1 and 2 which both only have 6 couples. Says wonders about the padding.
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brioalex Central (East) East Midlands Today
The Golden Ticket is back with a new golden sleeve, thankfully it’s the last one this evening Very Happy
JKDerry Recently warned UTV Newsline
With regards to the padding of this show, you can see how much it is padded out when you watch the commercial breaks. Nearly always the first and second commercial breaks have no commercials in them at all, just trailers and promos for upcoming ITV shows. This just exposes the padding, as ITV as with all UK commercial broadcasters are limited to how many commercials can air per hour, and it shows the padding up each week of the show.

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