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UTV Newsline
The one thing I like about this show is the do not pretend their results are live when they are not. No pre-recorded results as Strictly do, with spoilers leaking every week. All live in one night.
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Granada North West Today
I noticed on Philip's snapchat that the screen displayed "£100, 000" on their screens. Idk if it's for a competition or could be a twist that the winning celeb wins £100, 000 for charity? Idk
The Tuesday 6-9 Show With Michael

Every Tuesday

(Hopefully) on Burnley College Radio.
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Apart from the rebuilding the entire studio (studio, not set) and including a bigger ice rink and bigger audience as part of that. Visually though I don't think it'll look much different.
I preferred the internet when it had a sense of humour.
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