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kernow1,364 posts since 18 Jan 2006
There's another EPG error on Trace Urban right now.

The listings say "Sounds of the UK", and the DOG says "Sounds of the US"

Trace Urban has just been showing this exact same error.

It's got the opposite right now!

The EPG says "Sounds of the US", and the DOG says "Sounds of the UK"
kernow1,364 posts since 18 Jan 2006
From what I've heard these channels have been having a few issues with blank screens, beeping and test cards. Wonder what's going on there then?

The way the rebrands took place (basically switching from one feed to another) suggests that the new channels are coming from a different source than the old ones, so that might explain the problems they've been experiencing.
kernow1,364 posts since 18 Jan 2006
Since the rebrand, Trace Vault seems to have been broadcasting all non-music programming without a programme name DOG, which is a change from the Vault.

There has been the odd occasion in the past on CSC channels where programmes were broadcast without any graphics.
kernow1,364 posts since 18 Jan 2006
The listings still seem to be all over the place.

The EPG listings never match the DOG, especially on Trace Urban.

For example, the listings for Trace Urban currently say "Playlist By", and the DOG says "Top 10 Hip Hop"

It's the same with Trace Vault. The listings say "Focus: Backstreet Boys", but it's currently showing Kenan & Kel.

Unless they get this sorted, it could have a serious impact on ratings.
kernow1,364 posts since 18 Jan 2006
Looks like they're still having technical problems with the new channels.

The EPG listings are still wrong as well, i.e. not matching the programme name DOGs.

Unless they sort out these problems, these channels could be destined to fail.