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davidhorman1,589 posts since 8 Mar 2005
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The Spring - so six months till the next "series" then. Good job no crimes ever happen over the winter.

Well exactly. This is a complete and utter shambles. Crimewatch is one of, if not the, most "public interest" things the BBC does. It should be on every X weeks throughout the year. If you cram it out in a weekly series format, people are just going to tire of it and then you're left with a break where the show isn't there to make a difference, which it can do.

I haven't watched much of it this time around, to be honest, but what I have seen seems to have totally misjudged the previous excellent balance they had between getting across the impact with contributions from the people affected, and getting across the important details. There seems to be far less of "here's what happened, can you help?" and more "here's what happened, isn't it awful?" More like Crimegawp.
Johnr216 posts since 6 Apr 2004
The student feature tonight was a bit odd - "Here are a few tips on how to be safe on your night out" directly leading into "But even if you follow the tips just given you can still get raped" leading straight into a rape reconstruction and appeal
rdobbie392 posts since 21 Jan 2003
The Spring - so six months till the next "series" then. Good job no crimes ever happen over the winter.

And this is the most idiotic and irresponsible element to the whole shake-up of the format. Whoever made this decision clearly has no understanding of the important role Crimewatch has historically played by striking while the iron's hot, i.e. covering a crime that happened in the month leading up to that programme.

In numerous Crimewatch appeals e.g. James Bulger, Stephanie Slater, Sarah Payne, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, there was a particular need to catch the perpetrator quickly because of the exceptional danger they posed to public safety, and the increased chance of police and prosecution success by moving fast to secure evidence etc.

Of course the BBC will argue in its defence that its News operations can perform this function in the intervening 6 months, but that rather misses the point: Crimewatch has a unique way of reaching out to people who don't ordinarily watch the news, and concentrating their minds with the use of reconstructions, etc.

I hope that BBC minds aren't automatically closed to the possibility of a one-off Crimewatch Special over the next 6 months, in the event of a particularly awful crime that urgently needs the Crimewatch treatment in the opinion of the police.
Ben3,270 posts since 5 Sep 2001
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They'll surely see sense and Ε•estore it to a monthly programme sooner rather than later.

Whilst it's public service role is most important I've often heard rival broadcasters mention Crimewatch appeals and there's no such thing as bad publicity?

I wonder what the general concensus among police forces is about the schedule changes is?