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Some sports and websites are going to attempt live streaming of E Sports equivalents and also lectures and teaching in the intermission

Here’s Some

Add others as you find them.
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Last night Tottenham's Sessingon and West Ham's Antonio streamed a FIFA match at the same time the two clubs were originally supposed to play in the Premier League. Lots of that sort of thing going on, plus teams who were supposed to play each other playing Twitter Connect 4 with each other, club official accounts "live-tweeting" classic matches in real time as if they were happening today. Anything to get through the lack of fixtures!
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'could be mainipulated'?
Are mainipulated.

Look at the results of the bookies own 100+ odd races per day virtual horseracing as seen in all the shops, and tell me how many 2/1favs (or shorter) come home in first place?

In the real world - nearly 40% on average over the year. In the virtual world - None.
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Sorry, do we need a separate thread for this? None of these are even on TV. I doubt The Sport Thread will be too busy for the foreseeable!

it can "be" on TV if you Chromecast it, or play YouTube videos on your TV... Wink

*ducks for cover*

I meant on TV channels, not online. As in, it would be noteworthy if Sky Sports were now showing it as a replacement rather than it just being on YouTube like it would have been anyway.