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What will live shows such as Ant & Dec and The Last Leg - which rely on audience participation - look like if crowds are declined entry to the studios? Will the cameramen provide the applause? It'll certainly be different to the hosts with a lack of feedback to how they are performing. Whilst hosts such as Andy Collins and Mark Curry are seasoned veterans of playing to no/fake audiences. Will they CGI them in?

The Last Leg doesn't 'rely' on audience participation, they could quite easily just do the show without an audience, and acknowledge it.

There's plenty of precidents for entertainment shows without audiences, Kenny Everetts shows he did at Thames are an excellent example. Radio 4 topical comedy The Now Show (which is on the air at the moment) did an audience-free episode on 7/7/2005 when London's transport system was shut down, they just did it in a conventional studio
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The Last Leg finishes next week anyhow and they've done episodes without crowds for the Paralympics.

Ant and Dec obviously used to working without a crowd on I'm a Celeb. I do think the show would notably suffer (there is a reason they have a crowd) but they could probably throw together hour-long shows for a couple of weeks and rely on Skype features such as Singalong Live and Happiest Minute, plus switch Win the Ads to a call in comp.

Other than those two shows in primetime I don't think there is anything else live with an audience broadcasting at the moment on the main networks at least. The Voice pre-record most their stages so think they'll have a live semi-final and final in April, though that sort of thing could be postponed if necessary a few weeks.
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Nobody laughs harder at Adam Hill's jokes than Adam Hills so having no audience won't really impact The Last Leg. Infact the only show that is going to be affected badly really, should it happen, is Saturday Night Takeaway.
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The only other option I suppose is to only allow 10% of the audience into the studio seating area for Ant & Dec/Last Leg/Sport Relief, to allow social distancing to occur. It would look a bit strange but at least the programme would retain 10% of the atmosphere. (% value only a guesstimate)
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It has just been announced that it will be likely be announced tomorrow that the UK will enter the delay phase of COVID-19 - meaning large scale gatherings could be cancelled. So will this mean the above ideas will happen?
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Not sure how a Saturday Night Takeaway could run without an audience.

They could show The Men in Brown, Get out of my Ear / Ant vs Dec, End of the Show Show & do Win the Ads via Skype?

All wrapped up in an hour.