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Imagine though if one of the soaps had created a storyline where all residents had to stay in and the pub was forced to shut due to a "global pandemic". We'd have called it an absolutely ridiculous storyline.

I am pretty sure that Brookside Close was placed in lockdown at some time during the 1990s due to some kind of virus. And I think most people did say it was ridiculous!
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I would expect in these terrible times that the channels from UKTV would prove more popular - especially with the likes of GOLD. The BBC for their part have a vast archive, but it seems to always comes down to broadcast rights, they simply can't put on what they want from the archive, and Channel 4 is probably restricted in that way too as they are a publisher broadcaster, they do not produce their own shows and so do not hold exclusive rights to them.
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There's nothing* stopping broadcasters from getting the rights to shows they previously broadcast though.

* in the vast vast majority of cases

True, but there's the question of costs and whatever and whether they consider it worth it. Obviously it's a lot easier and cheaper to show something they own.

Maybe Drama can finally show the 1989-97 episodes of The Bill now there's more of a captive audience to watch them Razz A shame Fremantle don't own any TV channels in the UK which would give an easier way of showing Thames content without anyone else having to see if it's worthwhile to buy it in.
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Remember though that the rights owners don't get any income if they don't price their products appropriately. If ITV think there's an audience for old Thames repeats, Freemantle are going to base their charge on what they think ITV can make from showing it. It's not a prepackaged deal with a price on that ITV can take or leave on the shelf.
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It felt a little strange, but also reminiscent of the original series alongside the 2012 Paralympic Games. As always they created simplified explanations to what is going on whilst cracking some jokes, having fun and sending out important messages.

It felt like a rehearsal, the sort of run through they do in the afternoon.... just dressed a bit more smartly