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Coronavirus - Impact on live/recorded shows

Several talk programmes have cancelled studio audiences (March 2020)

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Josh posted:
I always assumed you wore face masks when dealing with forensics, regardless of the status of a pandemic.

The point I was making, is the forensic scenes might have been increased, because they easily allow social distancing measures to applied for the filming. The plot itself doesn't incorporate anything to do with Covid19
Your Honor worked Covid quite well into later episodes with the need for fewer people in the courtroom scenes fitting seamlessly in with the storyline at that point. Of course outside of the courtroom scenes life seemed to continue as normal, so presumably they were filmed prior to production being halted.

I'm up to Ep 9 now. I don't think it integrates too well. There was a courtroom scene where deep cleaning was referred to, and a smattering of folk wearing masks, straight into the next scene with everyone (comparatively) packed into a coffee shop. However, (don't worry no spoiler) Covid is being used as a useful plot device, (though I wonder how they would have dealt with the plot otherwise!?)

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