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Coronavirus - Impact on live/recorded shows

Several talk programmes have cancelled studio audiences

Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Hollyoaks is getting around the break by jumping to the present day but flashing back to scenes filmed prior to the pandemic. Seems they may have even managed to kill someone off whilst they weren't on air.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
And a new promo now for the confirmed return of Emmerdale and Corrie to 6 episodes a week.

Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
Steve in Pudsey Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I caught Comedy Game Night on Comedy Central. Quite refreshing to see something very obviously socially distanced but that manged to do it in a pretty natural way and didn't seem to even refer to it.
Write that down in your copybook now.
peterh Central (East) East Midlands Today
Supermarket sweep seems to be and isn’t mentioning it either
Piers Morgan's Life Stories has a socially distanced and masked audience although unlike say Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross, I'm not sure Life Stories really needs an audience.
JKDerry UTV Newsline
Jonwo posted:
Piers Morgan's Life Stories has a socially distanced and masked audience although unlike say Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross, I'm not sure Life Stories really needs an audience.

I think both Graham and Jonathan will be back in studio with either a hugely reduced audience, possibly 50 at most, or they will try and do what BGT have done, and bring a virtual audience into the studio to watch the recordings live. If BGT can do it, I am sure they can.

Graham Norton Show is a huge show internationally, and the BBC would want him to return to form very soon. It seems likely both Graham and Jonathan will have at least one guest in studio, with the rest interviewed via satellite/internet - let's hope they get the internet connections working better this time.
Inspector Sands
The News Quiz returned this week with both remote panelists and a remote audience (and some audience participation).

The last series was just panelists and it wasn't too bad I thought, it turned into a round-table funny discussion.

This series is more like one of those local radio programmes where they turn up as a local cricket club and do a sports quiz. The smaller, remote audience gives it a different atmosphere. It also feels bit different as this series is presented by Andy Zalzman, who's added his own bits and there's no newsreader sections. It all feels a bit more rowdy and informal. They docked points off any paneliat whose Internet dropped out which was a nice joke

I notice at one point they did seem to have a problem of delays with some of the audience laughing for a lot longer than they should have
Charlie Wells Moderator Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
Friday night's Question of Sport was a socially distanced one. Each team was noticeably spaced out. I'm not quite sure if they were using the normal set or a modified one. From what I saw it looks like there was no audience behind the teams or Sue.
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robertclark125 Central Reporting Scotland
There wasn't. The production crew were doing the applause.
dazzabass New member Central (East) East Midlands Today
Cov19 has clearly impacted on the recording of regular TV series. The last episode of he Blacklist recently was completed using animated characters. Going forward how many series are not being recorded at all and will create a huge hole in their respective chanels scheduling?
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JAS84 Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
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