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I know this is a Corrie thread but both shows are on ITV and made by ITV Studios so might as well post this here. Emmerdale is also going down to 3 eps a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday the same as Corrie.

Makes sense IMO to keep it to those 3 nights as Tues and Thurs they could use an hour long repeat at 7pm if they wished, esp on Thursdays when we lose 2 Emmerdale episodes, could bump the 7.30pm show to 8pm maybe. This is just me speculating, I've not seen any amended schedules as yet.
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They were pulled on Emmerdale as well on Friday though, so I assume it was some agreement to remove them from both shows that night, not just because they were advertising eating out. Unless the Emmerdale ones were pulled on Friday because you can't get McCain frozen foods for love nor money in our ransacked supermarkets Razz