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but more noteworthy scrolling credits over a selection of scenes from the credits over the years.

If they can do scrolling credits and have an actual background here, why do we have to put up with static credits and a black background the rest of the time, and on every other show?

Agree, although I do think the static credits are more readable. How have they handled the credits on the omnibus this week?

Went out with the usual black screen, white ITV Reem credits.
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That was undoubtedly the best episode of Coronation Street I’ve seen for a very long time. A good humour led story tonight with some great flash backs. The scene with Rita on her own in the Rovers was wonderful.

Probably one of the best episodes for many years with comedy and pathos mixed beautifully together. Very poignant scenes towards the end with Rita reminiscing in the Rovers. Well done to the writers for cramming in so many memories. I had a horrible thought at one point that she'd sit back down in one of the booths and pass away peacefully. Thank goodness that didn't happen.
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I thought it might end soon as its become a tad tired.

Whoever they get as the new sponsor lets hope they produce good quality material, and it isn't something annoying or tacky (like we buy any car dot com, or checkatrade dot com or the like)

I do quite like the nod to the 70s/80s Corrie titles with the Kovonation Street text using the font of the era (Egyptienne?) over the shot of chimneys.

Although I do agree the whole meerkat thing is a bit tired now and stopped being funny a long time ago.
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One annoying thing was the way they hyped a character "leaving" during the 10,000th episode, when it was actually just a character announcing their intention to leave, they're still in the show.

It feels a bit like them telling us there's be 4 deaths during the 50th birthday episodes, then one of those deaths turned out to be of someone who we didn't know who was driving past the bistro as it exploded, and another was Peter becoming "clinically dead", but surviving.
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