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Oh I loved that. So many references.Opening with the girls playing ball games, Mention of Linda Cheveski, Hayley, the cheeky reference to the original Robert Preston, Elsies red phone, Hilda, Bet, Betty, Deirdre, Alfie, Gails many dead husbands, the original credits, Alan Bradley being hit by a tram! Any more?
A delightful, spectacle-free hour focusing on the people who have been in our living rooms for sixty years.

And Claudia ought to be hung for saying Blackpool is Vegas for the poor.

Well there were a few more recent mentions, like Rosie formerly being a goth, Gail and Sally power walking at the start, Sean mentioning Todd and Jason. Also mentions of Jack and Vera and of course Mavis,
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Loved last nights episode especially the nod to the past - opening scene with the girls, Rita saying 'another fine mess you've got me into' - which was said by Hilda to Stan when they got locked out out of number 13 in 1977, Rita saying about the knackers yard which was Elsie's first line in 1960. The voiceovers and mentions of Elsie, Hilda, Annie Walker, Betty, Deirdre and Mavis. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't make it to Blackpool, Corrie and Blackpool always go well together. But it was still a fabulous episode.

Evelyn one of the best new characters of recent years and im liking Nina as well.

I loved the end credits a shame they didn't use the original theme tune that would have made it even better.

I think an episode like this would be much better for the 60th rather than another episode like the 50th.
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And let this episode be a lesson to not only Corrie but all the other Soaps too-not every milestone or Big Weeks have to have a stunt in it-Less is more as the saying goes (no doubt this will fall on death ears!)
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A low key 60th really is what we should get. A bunch of long running characters, nods to the past, reasonably light hearted. We have enough stunts, explosions, affairs, fights, deaths and similar (admittedly there was a death in this episode, but still). We've had enough misery and "big" storylines over the last few years.
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but more noteworthy scrolling credits over a selection of scenes from the credits over the years.

If they can do scrolling credits and have an actual background here, why do we have to put up with static credits and a black background the rest of the time, and on every other show?

Agree, although I do think the static credits are more readable. How have they handled the credits on the omnibus this week?
It's great that everybody gets sarcasm.
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Thats's how several episodes from 76/77 are on the Network DVDs (preceeded by the original VT clocks), so I presume it's genuine.

I’ve seen other Granada programmes from the mid-to-late 70s that start with a caption that includes the copyright date at the bottom (and end with the same caption). I assume Granada chose to badge their material like this for a while.