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Bet Lynch to return.

Is it a one-off episode in recognition of the big anniversary coming up?

The recent capture of a number of characters standing outside the Rovers, ready to embark on a day trip to Blackpool. All of those characters (Audrey, Gail, Rita, Kevin, Sally, Jenny) participated in the last infamous coach trip to Blackpool from the Rovers in the 80’s.
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As far as I can tell, she's not returning at all.

Clickbait headline: Producer plans to bring back Bet.

Actual story: Producer says they sometimes talk about bringing her back but haven't got any plans to do so.
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I've put this in the Britbox thread but seems equally at home here too:

About 15 classic Coronation Street episodes have gone up today including the first episode (to coincide with the 10,000th episode tonight).

Curiously the first 1977 episode ("episode 18" presumably of that year) starts with the Granada endcap (inc copyright/date) instead of the usual frontcap. Is that how it went out or has it been "reconstructed"?
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Also relating to old Corrie, here's a rather nice little interview with Eric Spear tweeted earlier today...

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I stopped watching Corrie a few years ago, but thought I would give tonight's episode a try.

The entire premise was a trip to Blackpool, which takes about 50 minutes from Manchester (Weatherfield) along the M61 and M55. I appreciate it is fiction, but they were inexplicably travelling on B roads through countryside, and even stopped for toilet and coffee breaks. There is only so far you can stretch credulity.

I enjoyed the end credit sequence.
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Oh I loved that. So many references.Opening with the girls playing ball games, Mention of Linda Cheveski, Hayley, the cheeky reference to the original Robert Preston, Elsies red phone, Hilda, Bet, Betty, Deirdre, Alfie, Gails many dead husbands, the original credits, Alan Bradley being hit by a tram! Any more?
A delightful, spectacle-free hour focusing on the people who have been in our living rooms for sixty years.

And Claudia ought to be hung for saying Blackpool is Vegas for the poor.
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