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What are ITV showing next Sunday at 7pm as 5 Gold Rings finishes tomorrow, so you'd have thought they'd use the next 2 Sundays for the displaced episodes.

At this time of year that’d put it up against Strictly, so they’ve obviously decided against it.

Probably the only thing that would hold up against Strictly. Just thankful they haven't opted for hour long Emmerdale and Corrie on Saturday night.
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These “lottery” adverts during the breaks on classic Coronation Street are spreading like the quiz TV channels did in 2006. There’s now a PDSA lottery now!
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Interesting few episodes on ITV3 at the end of last week. Lots of very long scenes with characters talking about nothing much at all, reflecting on the past and philosophising. Lingering establishing shots of front doors. Pretty much no plot advancement. Also, unusually, several nighttime scenes, and there's been a great deal of time devoted to Sarah Louise taking an interest in one of Derek's plants.

I wondered if something had happened behind the scenes at the time that required hasty rewrites. Then in Friday's episode the character of Amy, who was set to marry Andy McDonald, appeared in complete darkness with obviously dubbed dialogue. Turns out the actress who played her, Louise Duprey, had left at short notice. (Apparently the uncredited stand-in in Friday's episode was one Melanie Brown, who hasn't been heard of since. 😉)
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I recall that C4 were the first to introduce a soap omnibus (for Brookside) to pad out their rather empty schedule. I don't remember them having Corrie on there, but it doesn't surprise me as ITV got the advertising revenue at the time, and I suppose it would create some, rather than having that "Programmes continue shortly" card.

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