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I see there was a press day on Monday with the new producer, Iain Macleod, and a whole heap of stories/spoilers released. Think they've gone a bit too far with the spoilers for certain storylines - one story in particular they've practically spelled out what's happened to Summer 2019.

-The Amy storyline has been far too spoiled - we know about the pregnancy, who the dad is and that there'll be some ethical/legal element to it and the story hasn't even started on screen. It sounds like there'll be wild changes of tone too - it'll be serious at various times (the ethical element) but then you have the producer saying Steve will be 'like Peter Griffin'.

-Stunts galore much like Macleod's time at Emmerdale. There's one at New Year, a boat fire and the factory will collapse (and then sadly be rebuilt) and that's all before Summer 2019.

-There's a whodunnit on the way and a new big villain (from the existing cast and an "established character") on the way responsible for the two big stunts we'll see in early 2019. They suggest it'll be a long-term villain rather than somebody who is kicked off a year from now. Can't help feeling somebody I like will be turned into a villain - normally whoever I like on soaps is either killed off or made a villain. Any guesses from you guys? Nick, Ali and Adam seem to be the most suggested characters so far.


How many times has that bloody factory been demolished?

And another bloody teen pregnancy story. Can't wait.
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And six weeks later Brian Mosley died in real life sadly. His health had deteriorated over the late 90’s to the point he wasn’t in the show that much anymore.

But still refused to leave... until a new producer took over and sacked him for the good of his health. Which he wasn't happy about. At least it means he got a proper on-screen exit though, as if it hadn't happened then he'd have died off screen and he'd have had one of those situations (most probably after several months of non appearance and contrived explanations of where he's supposed to be) that nobody really likes.
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What about Eldorado? I'd love to see if it really was that bad.

If it was shown at the same pace as Corrie on ITV3 and EastEnders on Drama, the whole thing would last 11 weeks.

15 and a half actually - 10 episodes a week and a stock of 156 to air.

Home and Away was rerun from the beginning in Australia at the pace of an episode a day, getting to around mid-1995 when Seven pulled it from 7Two. I'd love to see that run from the beginning again, especially as the present day show is almost a different programme.
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