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The upstairs did magically gain an extra window on the move to Mediacity as well.

That was no less believable than Ashley & Maxine's stairs moving to the opposite side of the room overnight, without either of them actually commenting on it.

Don't forget the Rovers having its big refurb at the start of 2008 complete with new ugly wallpaper... which itself also changed overnight without explanation a few months later.
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One of the real issues with it, that's the case with far too many soap storylines, is that it's gone on for too long. Far too long. And it's not even over yet, and god knows how much is left to run.

Far too long in soapworld seems to be about three weeks, and guess it's really not helped by airing six times a week. In the real world such events have been known to unfold over years, even decades.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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The last time the Select was seen was Alf and Audreys wedding, 23rd December 1985. Im loving the 1986 episodes, we are into April 1986 already. The storylines and characters are all really good. Nice to see an appearance of Peter Barlow in the last few episodes, I preferred this Peter to the womanising bigamist he became later on!