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I think you’ve jumped the gun

They wouldn’t be mentioning the exact same story with Michelle so often in the script if it was literally the exact same story

Maybe wait until it plays out

They’ve definitely pointed out in recent weeks that Ryan and Ali were swapped a lot (enough to be in your face). Just to make sure we remember. The original storyline with Michelle’s sons was also pulled way ahead of schedule due to its unpleasantness and complaints, so not sure they would even consider it again. There is more to it for sure (a scam, so it is?).
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Or a midwife swapping babies on purpose. Katie was Born on the 2nd January 1992 and Ryan and Ali birthday has been stated as January 15/16 1992

Yep it was revealed on Wednesday's episode that it's a scam and Charlie Lawson has done an interview so he has confirming as much.

While it's still a ridiculous storyline, I'm glad they went down the route of it being a scam rather than Katie actually still being alive.
I mean having 2 baby swaps in the same month at the same hospital involving people who lived on the same street would be a stretch even by soap standards.

In related news, I wonder how everyone's Whipcoins are getting on. Very Happy
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Is this refurbishment they're currently talking about in the itv3 repeats one of those ones that was canned or did it go ahead? Google doesn't give me much on this storyline.

Corriepedia does though:


There’ll be someone on TV Forum in 28 years time asking about ‘Roverz’. Wink
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