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Contacting the BBC

(March 2004)

Moz Wales Today
Does anyone else agree that it's so difficult to contact the BBC via email?

Whenever you try and do it via BBCi you always go to the standard 'contact us' page. You get the impression that your message disappears into the system. I've never had a reply from an email I've sent via the 'contact us' page, other than the standard email saying they got the message.

I think that every page on BBCi should have a contact email which goes to the person or department which created it. It's OUR BBC so we should be able to comment on it.

Sometimes people have ideas on how they could improve things (like the idea I've just had about the Reporters' Log), but its so difficult to communicate this to the BBC.
Aston London London
You're right, the BBC has an obligation to read and reply to every message. I know this because for my programme I'm one of the people who has to do it as part of my job!

Although we do send out an auto reply, all of the messages asking specific questions and requests are replied to individually.

That's how it works here anyway. Not sure about other parts of the Beeb I'm afriad...
Moz Wales Today
Well I've just used the 'feedback' form at the bottom of the NOL page, so we'll see if anything comes of it.
Pete Founding member North Reporting Scotland
To be fair the contact us page does pick up different settings depending on where you click the link to get to it.

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