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There has been discussion recently among members on how best to improve the quality of conversations here. As a result:

❌ 'Rota' discussion is not acceptable. This includes discussing newsreaders/presenters shift patterns and anything else generally mundane. If there is something significantly newsworthy - a new show for a newsreader, a move to another broadcaster etc. then a topic can be created.  
❌ Do not post political, disruptive, unconstructive, off-topic or pointless posts.  
❌ Please do not create generic threads. Most existing ones will continue to exist but they should be for minor discussion points only.

✔️ Create new topics. Your post is far more likely to be read and stops the risk of the community missing interesting news.
✔️ Metropol is available for general chat discussion.


  • Be nicer and more tolerant to each other. Think about who is reading your posts, and how they would feel when reading them.
  • Where mistakes are made in factual terms, politely correct them without snark or sarcasm.
  • Where opinions are disagreed with - remain pleasant whilst stating the opposite case.
  • If you can't say something nice about a fellow forum member, then best not say anything.
  • Remember this isn't just a forum visited by enthusiasts. It is also read by people working in the industry (who may also be enthusiasts).
  • If you see something unsuitable on this site, please use the Report a Post feature. Avoid derailing the thread further by replying to the post.
With thanks to Noggin for some of the above points from a previously raised post.

The above is going to be common sense and basic forum etiquette for most but it's always good to have a reminder.
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