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russnet posted:
The thing I don't get is that Comic Relief seems to get massive totals on the night, 40 million last time, 60 million this time but Children In Need seems to hover around the lower 20 million mark each time.

A few possible reasons.

Firstly, I think simply Comic Relief is simply a more popular charity than Children in Need and despite often being criticised for failing to showcase it's UK work enough, I think many people care much more about what they're doing in Africa - or at least it's the African appeals which encourage them to donate.

Secondly, it's a far better nights entertainment - and probably benefits from being bi-annual rather than yearly.

And thirdly and most importantly, the merchandising is much much better. From Red Noses, T-shirts, recipe books, donations from products, they probably make around 20m before the show even starts.

With Children in Need that is simply not there, largely I guess due to it being a BBC brand and their being certain limitations on how they can exploit it, even if it is for charity. They did sell a few things in the 90's such as the 3D glasses (which amazingly Sky believe customers will still be willing to wear to experience "3DTV") and Scratch and Sniff cards, but in recent years they haven't really done anything like that. I think also since the phone scandals the BBC have even stopped letting Children in Need profit from voting on Strictly too.
JonathanEx posted:
Steve in Pudsey posted:
JonathanEx posted:
Johnny83 posted:

Radio 1 raised between 1.5-3 Million alone (can't remember the exact figure now).

The Red Nose Climb raised 3 million. As part of that, Radio 1 raised 1.8 million, which was through website pledges and 1 text donations. Pledges for the other climbers were pretty pitiful up until the documentary aired on the Thursday, which launched the 5 donation at the end of it: counting for the other million.

I think a large part of the 2.2m would be personal sponsorships of each of the climbers - Chris Moyles mentioned sending out letters to people who have been on his show to plug things asking for a donation.

2.2? I'm guessing that's a 3.2 typo, possible overall number, I forget. Radio 1 raised 1.8 million through website pledges and texts, leaving 1.2 million: and the majority of that, from memory about .8 million of that came after the airing of the documentary. Up until that was shown, Radio 1 listeners raised 90% of all the money raised through the climb.
And personal pledges? Not really... those donations would have been tracked by Comic Relief if actually made, right? And the only way of that happening is through the website, and you can choose a climber when donating thanks to the climb.

Chris was saying before he went to the climb, that they'd love it if each audience member could donate 1 each but if they couldn't afford it then no problem, whatever people could give would be great.

Also is this the first time they've mentioned how much of the percentage goes to the UK & Africa, I don't ever remember them announcing that before.
Johnny83 posted:
Also is this the first time they've mentioned how much of the percentage goes to the UK & Africa, I don't ever remember them announcing that before.

No, they've always made it clear. It used to be two thirds to Africa, and one third to the UK, but I think over recent years the UK percentage has gone up to 40% IIRC.
It wasn't always such a massive difference - I think the first Red Nose Day that really broke away from the CIN totals was 2001, I remember the shock on the presenters faces as it reached about 30m. It's been steadily going up ever since but this year really seems to have connected on some level to get to 59 as it is today - perhaps the recession has helped in some way in that people realise the value of charity at times like this? Tommy rot indeed... Rolling Eyes

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