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(almost) live streaming of studio recordings from Television Centre (March 2011)

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David Walliams is starring in a 24 hour marathon of TV Panel Shows being recorded at the Television Centre (TC4 I believe) and it's being streamed (with a 10 minute delay I gather) on the bbc website at It's not only funny and for a very good cause, but it's interesting if you've not been to a television studio recording before - as all the bits that go wrong are of course there in all their glory. The pickups after the recording of Mock The Week were particularly good. It showed if nothing else what a pro Dara O'Brien is...!

Blankety Blank was excellent fun too - Paul O'Grady hosting, with Babara Windsor, Keith Harris and Orville, David Walliams, Stacey Solomon, David Tennant and George Lamb on the panel and two members of Blue as the contestants. At one point before the recording started, the floor manager asked Paul if he could remember the rules and he said "I had no idea when I did the show - I did 72 of them - 60 p*ssed and 12 on drugs !"

It's currently Celebrity Juice. They appear to be running a good half an hour late compared to the published schedule!
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