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Comic Relief 2021

Friday 19th March (March 2021)

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Neil Jones Founding member
Jonwo posted:
^Has anyone ever told you that you complain too much?

Isn't that what TV forums are for? To air views? Or have I got it wrong. As it seems on TV Forum, it is fine to post a comment or opinion, until it goes against other people's opinions, and then you get hammered. Not long to go before I will not have to worry about commenting on here again, as I have always felt since 2020 I have been treading in broken glass when commenting on here.

Yeah I think the problem here is you posted three times in a row and all you did was basically say Comic Relief this year was crap. You didn't really need three posts to say that, you could have just edited the first one and insert your additions there.

And you were not "hammered", don't be so melodramatic. IIRC you said the same thing last time this happened to you, and again it was nothing of the sort. If you get upset because somebody disagrees with you, then that's your own problem.
Jon posted:
You do realise posting on TVF was never mandatory?

Posting on *any* forum is never mandatory, even after one has gone to the trouble of signing up.

But - without meaning to take anyone's side here - sometimes the urge to post is just too great to resist, no matter what mood one is in. It's happened with me plenty of times - and not just on TVF. Embarassed Embarassed Wink

Anyway, to try and get this thread back on track...

(Incidentally, this was filmed on Shaa Road in Acton - virtually down the road from Television Centre, and also not far from my childhood home in Ealing. Wink Wink )
CIN to me usually signified the start of the run up to Christmas with song performances from potential Christmas chart contenders, little broadway show snippets and the regional opts which usually had something a little different from the invited studio guests and things the regions were doing to raise money. Maybe something a bit cheeky would show up after watershed and in 2000's onwards it was to see what they'd get the Newsreaders to do this time - but over the years it got rather less daring. I got bored once it swapped to mostly mini-sodes of BBC shows making up the extra stuff and the regional stuff got more phased out. Plus chart music generally interested me less over time.

Comic Relief was great when BBC comedy was actually good, but part of the problem is it relied on the comedy lineup staying good - which it didn't and Comic Relief itself gradually morphed from being the slightly more risque show put on by UK's greatest comics and comic writers to...almost a carbon copy of CIN with a smaller set and hosts that were not really comedians. No the quirky couple presenters are not a replacement for having someone actually a bit risque for after the watershed.

I guess maybe that's why they passed up part 2 this year, tho it's not *that* hard to put a live show together with the restrictions. New York is hard locked down and they still managed a fairly decent ball drop event and then handed over to New Orleans for the second countdown for EST who had live performances.

It seems weird considering they plan to move things to Manchester for to not hand over to there to keep things going and get those studios into the swing of things.

I caught a few of the package films which the BBC uploaded on YT and chose to keep region free. Bond sketch made me smile a little, 2020 the movie trailer was a little amusing and I did like the Bridget Jones tribute. But if that was the best they had, then I don't know that I would have wanted to wait 3 hours to see all that.

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