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Granada North West Today
Maybe even tomorrow!
It must mean they’re preparing it for UK shores then, this is what happened with the MTV branding too if I recall correctly. It’s born in the US, Viacom makes a local version of the look for Germany and then around the time after that we should get it. MTV Germany got the look before us too. Must be how they roll stuff out.

I wonder, would CC Extra get a similar look with the refreshed logo?

It’d be weird if it didn’t, it has with every rebrand thus far...
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Some more stuff from Loyalkaspar's Comedy Central rebrand

EDIT: Plus the yellow colour they now use is the channel's signature colour, appropriately named for a channel of this kind, Summer Ale. The channel's drifted away from using a huge colour palette and is now simply using Summer Ale as their hero colour with other colours being used to promote their shows with.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
The new presentation has launched on both CC and CC Extra today.

Any captures of it?

Here's some quick low res caps from CC Extra:


Trail endboards (obviously if it's not an original it just says 'Comedy Central')


DOG (the 'Comedy Central' text disappears and the 'CC' logo goes translucent after this)


Not bad.
I see their new colour, Summer Ale is gonna be seen a lot on the channels now.