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edmund1,224 posts since 21 Sep 2009
A new Comedy Central extra ident just aired - with the letters 'extra' just walking sideways on a footpath. No new look to the main Comedy Central channel.

AM: Idents
9:00 Sidewalk extra
9:30 Football extra
10:00 Boombox comedy central
10:30 Feild extra
11:00 Beach extra
11:30 Footpath extra

PM: Idents
12:00 Rollerskating comedy central
12:30 Football extra
1:00 Boombox comedy central
1:30 Field extra
2:00 Beach extra
2:30 Sidewalk extra
3:00 Rollerskating comedy central
3:30 Football extra
4:00 Boombox comedy central
4:30 Field extra
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edmund1,224 posts since 21 Sep 2009
Comedy Central is such a mess now, they are using 3 different logos, the original towers logo with the red border on Comedy Centrals idents. They use the edited tower with no border on both Comedy Central and extra's misc presentation and now Comedy Central extra use another different logo in their idents.
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
It's one of the strangest rebrands I've seen, perhaps the oddest aspect being that the promos, etc. (apparently designed for use around the new ident set) launched months previously, complete with extensive integration of the "3 Towers" logo.

I have no idea what this weird roll-out is about, other than they still haven't decided whether or not this new set is up to scratch. Why else launch it on an off-shoot channel?
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I don't think the Extra ones are so bad. They show a bit of attitude in places (unlike the main ones we saw).

I get the feeling we wont be seeing the US brand come over.

I agree it is weird how they've seemingly leaked out. Almost like BBC2's famous failed rebrand.
edmund1,224 posts since 21 Sep 2009
In the last few days six more idents were added to Comedy Central extra - full coverage now online

Arrow Beach A http://www.skyidents.com/---beach.php

Arrow Skipping Rope http://www.skyidents.com/---skipping.php

Arrow Rooftop A http://www.skyidents.com/---roof-a.php

Arrow Rooftop B http://www.skyidents.com/---roof-b.php

Arrow Housing Estate http://www.skyidents.com/---housing-estate.php

Arrow Tug of War http://www.skyidents.com/---tug-of-war.php