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Come Dancing v X Factor

The winner is announced! (December 2004)

I don't get where the whole 'pompous' thing has come from concerning Steve? Obviously certain forum members have a different interpretation of the word. If anything, his attitude and final performance showed unprofessionalism rather than any pomposity.
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Mr-Stabby posted:
Jez posted:
Mr-Stabby posted:
That suprises me! Especially when they supposedly got 8 million calls on the X-Factor. Are you saying that around 90% of the people who watched voted!? I certainly didn't vote.

I voted THREE times to make sure Steve won! Laughing

Why oh WHY?!

I voted because I wanted him to win out of the final two acts.

he was boring

You dont know that to be true, that's just your own opinion.

and a pompous up-his-own ass prat!

Again that's your opinion, I dont think he is like that at all.
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There are some very interesting points made on the x factor poll thread.. just a couple of pointers being 1) the voting is not proven and is rigged (and i know that ) and 2) Steve is a very nice shy down to earth person ( my best friend knows him ) It does make interesting reading for anyone who is interested in this non talent finding money making Simon Cowell benefitting entertainment show hehe

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