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Davidjb1,510 posts since 23 Mar 2001
Parliament is now in summer recess so Straight talk has now finished on BBC News 24 so we now get the much better program Click Online usually presented by BBC World's Stephen Cole. It's well worth the watch. Starts Saturday 28th July 14.30.
NickyS1,570 posts since 1 Apr 2001
Gary posted:
Why did News 24 stop showing Click online? I thought it was pretty interesting.

Because it was only ever as a summer filler when parly was on holiday.
And it doesn't really cost much to show it on News 24 when it's already on World.
28th July you say? That's my birthday!
Kevin h
I was watching it today on World actually, some good stuff and some interesting news about Napster dropping MP3 and converting all of it's files to '.nap'!!!!!!! as they call it