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Out of all the clean BBC News musics that we've heard, e.g. all the headline beds since 1988 (except that Six!) etc., I have one more request. Does anyone (hello Jamez, by the way) have clean current Newsnight? (Particularly the pre-title vamp)

And one more, the Dog Eat Dog extended theme used as the backing when the last two play the end game? (Before the questions)


(Come on, I hardly ever make requests) Smile

(Edited by ian at 8:18 pm on Feb. 9, 2002)
Usually clean MP3's are going to be available after they have stopped being used on TV, for obvious reasons of nasty people exploiting them, and using them for their own gains.
I was just wondering whether anyone has BBC News Regions titles in MP3? Also, the Northern Ireland/Scotland nation variations in MP3?

Any help getting these would be really appreciated.
Bail on 3:17 pm on Feb. 10, 2002
Ermm I've got them (from identz) if it's ok with Jamez I could upload the regional titles?

What's wrong with contacting me personally Bail?

No doubt that mini disc of all the identz sounds you pestered me for has been uploaded, so whats the point in me telling you.

You'll just go right ahead and do it anyway!
I'd appreciate it very much! Cheers guys!
Bail3,708 posts since 30 Mar 2001 Moderator
Humm, i think that's a no. And no I have not uploaded the minidisk, and befor anyone asks no I wont, i promised I wouldn't and intend to keep that promis!
Bail3,708 posts since 30 Mar 2001 Moderator
Stuff, and no ur not getting it, sorry but a promis is a promis, i wasent going to tell anyone but jamez said it not me. Please do not ask anymore.