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(January 2019)

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Taskmaster still have them and indeed make a feature of them.
Presumably one of the reasons is the programme name is considered more important.

But surely with any programme that runs over an hour, you’re just going to be reminding viewers of how many ad breaks there has been.
Possibly because the make it more of a hassle to reversion programmes for other channels with more ad breaks.
Isn't that only an issue with hour long shows though? There used to be only two ad breaks in those, but nowadays it's three. Half hour shows such as Emmerdale, though, have always only had one ad break.
The Emmerdale Omnibus on ITV in the early noughties had part eight etc... looked messy.
Looks like ITV3 edited the scene of Kim hitting Chris over the head. I've seen that scene so many times in clip shows that the editing really stood out.

10 days later

Just a couple of “geeky” observations about Classic Emmerdale, related to the location of the fictional village.

When addresses have been shown on screen, they have usually referred to Emmerdale/Beckindale, North Yorkshire. Two different postcodes have been used, SK (presumably Skipdale, but in real life Stockport), and later HT (Hotten, an appropriately fictitious code).

Emmerdale is supposed to be about 40 miles or so from Leeds. The phone number for The Woolpack shown recently on Tricia’s CV was 01756 - in reality, the code for Skipton - so quite appropriate as Skipton is about 30 miles from Leeds. Firmly in North Yorkshire though, so why does the village signpost say “Yorks W R” (West Riding)?

I’ve mentioned before that Bradford buses appeared in the late Esholt days, and the destination “city centre” on their blinds ruins the illusion of a rural Dales village somewhat. A bus service that far from the Leeds-Bradford conurbation is unlikely to display such a destination as its terminus. Which city, the residents would wonder?!
Historically though places like Skipton, Knaresborough, Ripon and Harrogate were all in the West Riding of Yorkshire - a county which was abolished in the 70s with a fair amount of the northerly wapentakes of the county becoming parts of modern North Yorkshire - which I guess is what we are supposed to understand happened to Emmerdale too, considering the programme started in 1972 and the county changes happened 2 years later.

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